Tuesday, October 15, 2013

feminists hate gay men too

How the hell does this boring generic ad show up on a feminist news website. Do they hate men so much that not even gay men are safe from their hatred? The answer is obviously yes.

These man-hating feminists hate men so much that they troll the gay missed connections on craigslist so that they can cyber-bully a man who is looking for another man.

But I guess I shouldn't be surprised, look at how fat this woman is, of course she's a man-hating feminist.

If she weren't vegan that pigeon would be lunch.

Feminists would rather make fun of a gay man instead of helping this girl find a man:

Wonder Woman Seeks Guy in Lime Green T-Shirt (NYCC Oct 11th) - w4m - 27 (Midtown West)

"We met at ComicCon Friday, on line for the Jim Henson panel around 8:15. I was dressed as Wonder Woman with my friend who was dressed as Super Girl. You had a lime-green t-shirt (possibly green lantern) and light jeans on. I tripped into you and you were sweet to me. You told us you didn't dress up because you wouldn't have compared to us. I wish we had a chance to speak more, I hope you read this :)"

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Twitter Boys

Feminists are complaining that there aren't any women on Twitter's board & they want one on the board.
"And why stop at a woman? I don’t see an African American or Latinos on Twitter’s board. Why aren’t we outraged by that?"
Good point. Guess who wrote that. a woman! because even women are fed up with feminists.