Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Game of Thrones

Such sweet sweet schadenfreude. I loooove it. Feminists & SJW are whining about the latest episode "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken." 

[S5] Ramsey breaks the 4th wall..."Waaaah Ramsay had rough sex with Sansa."! (That's right, it was only rough sex. Sansa consented. She didn't say no. She didn't resist. He told her to get undressed & she did. She knew what she was doing. She's playing the long con & she knew he was a monster. "Bad sex" is not rape. Sex you regret is not rape.)

It was so triggering that the fake geek girls at the Mary Stupid aren't going to cover the show anymore. Good! Go away!

They should have left when the same thing happened to Daenerys Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the
Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, called Daenerys Stormborn, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons.

You don't like my shows? Don't watch it.
You don't like my comics? Don't read them.
You don't like my stuff? Don't buy it.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Black Widow

Apparently, this toy doesn't exist
Feminists are complaining about the lack of Black Widow action figures. Because facts & good math are things that SJW hate, they are ignoring the fact that there are hardly any Hawkeye figures. They even started a tumblr to whine about how sexist it is that they don't make Black Widow action figures from Avengers: Age of Ultron. (I'm surprised they even want a black widow action figure considering how much feminists & SJW hated her portrayal in the movie)

The lack of female action figures is a result of a business decision to maximize profits. Large for-profit corporations do not make assumptions about what their customers want. They have hard sales figures to base decisions on. They only care about the bottom line & decades of actual sales reports have proven that boys don't want female action figures. They prefer male action figures. Female action figures sell poorly.

"Trish Stewart, director of marketing for Bandai America, says it would be a happy thing, under ordinary circumstances, for a strong female character in an action figure line to do one - tenth as well as a strong male character."

They have conducted focus groups & play studies & found that a female action figure is too close to a doll & boys do not want to play with dolls. The main reason Disney bought Marvel is because boys weren't buying princess stuff.

Hot Toys Avengers Black Widow Head on Phicen Super Flexible Seamless Body with Stainless Steel SkeletonThey also know that girls prefer dolls to action figures. That is why they turned go-go into a barbie-doll.

Whether you agree or not, is irrelevant, that is the reality of boys mentality when it comes to the action figures they want. To a corporation, all that matters is the bottom line.

Do you know who buys female action figures? Men do. Adult toy collectors who want to complete their collection. There aren't that many of those. (To this day I am annoyed that they never made a Talyn from Skeleton Warriors, luckily they at least made a Shriek.)

The reality is that sometimes the toy you want is not available in the store, so you have to buy it online. Welcome to my world. This has been happening for decades but because it's some girl whining on twitter, mangina sites like polygon & the daily dot write articles about how it's all muhsojuhnee.

Despite all this, the truth is that there are plenty of Black Widow action figures for sale, but spreading lies about geek stuff is what feminists & SJW do best.








Saturday, March 21, 2015

All-New X-Factor

The main reason peter david's All-New X-Factor sucks is because peter david is a social justice warrior. He has super-powered mutants slapping the most evil of comic book super-villains: the cis-het-male.
Georgia slaps her father! How this short girl can reach that high doesn't matter, just that a man is slapped. We all know teen girls don't yell at their fathers, they slap their fathers.
Then Georgia slaps Cypher; at his suggestion! Hey, you feel bad? Why don't you slap me? It's such a stupid contrived scene that exists only because sjw love to see violence against cis-het-men. Yay, a 15yr old POC girl is going around slapping everyone with a penis.

It wasn't easy to "rescue" her thanks to Internalized misogyny of course, but thankfully peter david doesn't call it that, he just alludes to it. She was rescued by the white knight male feminist, because "she doesn't know what she wants." Thank goodness the White Knight knows what's best for her. (The only realistic part is that he isn't rewarded with sex.)

This isn't an Anti-Cypher book though; Gambit gets to enjoy some cis-het-male slapping. Gambit decides to kiss Polaris, then he gets slapped. Bizarrely, he says "don't ever apologize for slapping a man." It's so clearly a forced PSA that it doesn't even make sense.
This stupid comic wants girls to go around slapping those cis-het-men for being helpful, raising you, or being romantic.

Slapping anyone with a penis isn't enough; marriage also needs to be slapped. Most SJW are starting to push open marriages in order to get more alpha fucks beta bucks. So we get some of that too. The CEO of Serval Industries, Harrison Snow, barely reacts when he finds out that his wife has cuckolded him with Gambit (because this is a preachy SJW comic & SJW believe girls can do no wrong). This little storyline is of course quickly dropped & never mentioned again because the only point was to say hey nerds, even though you are married, girls can cuckold you & you just have to deal. If you feel betrayed you are just being childish. That way girls can get that alpha sex & the cuckolded beta husband can pay for everything.

The SJW nonsense doesn't end there, we also get to hear about that stupid "band" pussy riot, because that's somehow important to the story (spoiler alert: it isn't).
I don't know who he thought was reading this comic. It certainly wasn't a bunch of girls swooning over a perpetual yellow tinted gambit.

The funny part is that he didn't realize that he advocated that people stop buying his SJW comic. Here he is telling readers not to support artists they don't agree with: vote with your wallet. That is exactly what happened. All the customers, the people who spend money on comics, (not the twitter idiots who only complain), stopped buying this insulting SJW crap.

That's why this crappy book was cancelled after issue 20.

This book wasn't cancelled because people were "trade waiting." Like The Movement, this type of terrible SJW/feminist pandering does not sell comic books; it just makes customers stop buying it. Customers do not want to be insulted or blamed for things they are not responsible for. Nobody was waiting for a trade of this yellow hued SJW garbage. But that's what bad creators blame when their garbage doesn't sell.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Girl-Thor! She's punching dudes in the face if they disagree with her ideology!

That's why she is "worthy" to wield Mjolnir & Thor Odinson is not. Violence is totally the "worthy" response to someone who insults your belief system!

There are so many reasons why the issue #5 of female Thor sucks.
  1. The Absorbing Man makes comments that he would never say, he's fought plenty of superheroes & does not care about these things.
  2. The blatant insulting of Thor fans who had valid concerns.
  3. Thorilina cares more about the mean comments about feminism than the robbery that took place.
  4. Titania takes out her own husband because beating up a man is more important than beating up the heroine who is going to imprison you.
  5. Feminist Thorita doesn't care about domestic violence that takes place right in front of her.
  6. Titania gives girl-Thor a "girl-power pass" & doesn't fight her because Thorina's a girl. (Even though she regularly fights She-Hulk.)
"I don’t write any sort of story with any sort of agenda," Aaron told TODAY.com. "It’s not a good way to tell a story. Well, he got one thing right: It's terrible writing that will drive readers away from the new Thorminist. Girls don't read comics as much as fake geek girls like to proclaim. This girl Thor will be cancelled just like The Movement.

Why isn't Boy-Thor still Thor? Well, Boy-Thor found out he wasn't "worthy" during Original Sin after The Watcher was murdered. A bunch of secrets were revealed when Uatu's eye exploded and then the heroes found out that Nick Fury killed The Watcher. They went to the moon to apprehend Nick Fury. He couldn't fight Thor so he whispered something in Thor's ear that made Thor "unworthy" to wield the hammer.

It wasn't revealed to us what was said but now I know what he whispered:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Reign is a really good show.

It's like a pg-rated Game of Thrones without the fantasy elements. It's historical fiction so even though they would like to be a "girl power" tv show, it can't. It's not misandrist garbage like Cristela, but lately this one annoying character has been revealing some red pill truths. Take this conversation from S02E12 Banished:

Bash: You're my wife. You should tell me the truth without being asked. Did you tell Catherine that my mother was talking to Rome about getting me legitimized? I could have been executed, Kenna.
Kenna: I wasn't thinking about that. (groans in frustration) I just wanted your mother out of the way. I was scared. I couldn't go back to Scotland, and I couldn't find a husband here. I thought I might lose everything.
And which did you fear losing the most? The gifts and privileges of sharing a bed with the king? Or his love?
Both. Is that what you want to hear? Is that what I should have said when we married? That, yes, I loved him. Before he went mad.
You never told me that.
Why would I? You asked me to give us a chance, so I did. Bash, you have no idea what it's like to be a girl in this world. Owning nothing, having no power except the effect that you have on men. The king noticed me, and for the first time, I mattered. What was I supposed to do? Throw it away? Did you throw away Mary's love when you had it? Besides, why are we even fighting about this? Everybody makes mistakes. It's in the past.
Some things can't stay in the past. Some things are too unforgivable. When a person is willing to sacrifice lives for their own petty interests... that is one of those things.

Even a Beta Male like Bash has his limits. He could have been executed but she whines because her actions have consequences. It's an interesting bit of dialogue because there are so many typical lines that every girl utters in just this 1 conversation.

"I wasn't thinking about that."Girls don't want there to be any consequences for their actions. They usually don't think about the consequences which is how many of them end up post-wall without kids scrambling to get married living with 2 cats. Or how they put themselves in dangerous situations like drinking until they pass out.

"Everybody makes mistakes. It's in the past." Girls say this one when you find out something bad they did. They don't want there to be any consequences for their actions so they pretend it doesn't matter. They also don't want to be judged. Men shouldn't accept this as some kind of magic phrase that gives them a clean slate. You should never ignore or forget someone's past. The past makes us who we are.

"Owning nothing, having no power except the effect that you have on men." In other words, tremendous power. She could have leveraged that power to get married to a great man, in fact that what she was supposed to do, but girls would rather share an alpha than marry a beta. Which is what she did so she became the King's mistress for awhile until the king forced her to marry beta Bash.

What's funny is that these lines from a whining victim were spoken by the actress who claims to be a feminist. You can check out her website where she rambles on about feminism without wearing any clothes. (I would like to thank the man who tricked girls into thinking that nudity is empowering. Good job, sir!)

She has another conversation with her beta husband in S02E15 Forbidden, when she let herself be dressed by a foreign king who wanted to anger her husband & she drops more Red Pill:

I'm wondering why it is so hard for you to trust me.
Look at yourself... he's all over you. The gown, those jewels. You may not have strayed explicitly, but clearly you want more than you have.
I do... I want a good life, and a husband to share it with. And I'm sick of being judged for it just because you want less.

Girls don't want to be judged. Because they know what they are doing is wrong. They just don't want to admit it. They want to pretend that they are all innocent little flowers that would never do anything wrong & never hurt anyone. But that is a lie.

She openly admits to wanting more. Her open hypergamy is right there and the telling lie "a husband," because it doesn't matter to girls who the husband is, just that there is "a husband" providing that good easy life for them.

Later on she has a secret conversation with a Foreign King after angering her husband:

Foreign King: I want you.
You think that because I was the king's mistress that I'm easy prey?
I don't want you to be revenge. I don't want you to be my mistress. I want you to be my wife. I'm a man who knows what he wants. And I have never wanted anyone as much as I want you.
You're married.
Jeanne is dying. They say she won't live another month. And it should tell you something about the state of our union that she doesn't want me by her side. When she's gone, I'll take another wife.
I'm married.
It was an act of a mad king, which even your Church would overturn. Forgive me, but I know the facts. I also know that your husband occupies a station that no woman of your upbringing could be happy with.
And now you insult me. You don't know what makes me happy.
I saw you happy yesterday. And... if you are less than happy in your every day, I wonder if you might entertain a way out. A life with me. A chance to be a queen.

Kenna doesn't protest this time because her Hypergamy has been activated. She went from "Lady" to "King's Mistress" to "Baroness," but that is not enough. Now she has the chance to be a Queen. She entertains the idea because Hypergamy doesn't care.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Some male geeks & male nerds have written a few things about what it's like to be a man & a geek/nerd. Whenever that happens the man-hating feminists always respond with man-hating rants about how we are all really just entitled muhsujuhnists.

This week it was Scott Aaronson who wrote an honest confession to Amy in comment 171. while he was civil, she responded with so much offensive vitriol that he had to edit her comments & unfortunately made her seem more reasonable than she really is.

"Amy #555: I apologize, but I removed parts of your comment that I thought were gratuitously mean."

A loser I have mentioned before, lashed out at Aaronson because barry deutsch refuses to accept that he has wasted his life as a male feminist. Then another Scott wrote a fact-based response that ended up being lost on feminists. The feminists wrote all sorts of stupid posts, trying to win the oppression olympics. (It's too bad those 2 Scotts still consider themselves feminists.)

"We want your hobby to change to appease us"
This seems to be happening a lot lately. I read a post on Toy Soldiers & even though I hate giving advertising dollars to the good mangina project I left a comment there because I was so angry about girls bringing their "high-school" - "mean girls" drama to geek culture.

My comment ended up being published on Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology. Check it out to see why I hate the good mangina project so much.

So I'm going to re-print my related comment on Toy Soldiers :

Toy Soldiers wrote: "Geeks did not create a space where they could be unacceptable; they created a space where they would be accepted. They usually have little problem with “outsiders” coming into that space, as long as the “outsiders” respect it. However, many of the “outsiders” do not respect the space. These people only want to control it. They often demonstrate this by harassing and mocking the community, which is ironically the reason the community exists."

I wrote:
This is true.

I was at a con last month & some guys saw some kids dressed as members of the Survey Corps & were wondering who they were in a mocking tone. I explained & told them they should watch that anime cause it was good. But they were those non-geek outsiders invading my space & were not really interested in talking to the man dressed as an action figure. I don't even know why they were there.
I could have typed what that anonymous guy that Noah screencapped wrote. We were kicked out of society & we just want to be left the hell alone. If girls behaved like, as most feminists like to claim, human beings, everything would be fine, instead they come in & destroy everything instead of actually trying to join the group. That guy's comparison to joining other organizations was spot-on, but because it involves girls, he's suddenly a misogynist. You don't move in with someone & immediately start re-decorating.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Road

The Road is a great movie where a father educates & protects his son. The father raises him to be a man in a post-apocalyptic world as they head south to the coast. It's a great film because the father is teaching his son about humanity & about survival but we see that these two things are often at cross-purposes. Many times they have to allow something awful to happen in order to survive. The father covers his son's ears at one point but we hear what is happening. As their journey continues the son ends up having to remind the father of his humanity. Even though he's still a young boy (he plays with a Wetworks action figure & has crayons) he is mature enough to not only recognize when his father might indulge in self-pity but advises against it.

The man is a father in the most basic & primal way. Despite all the hardships they endure, he still has tender moments with his son, things we take for granted now, like having a meal or even grooming. His son is his only reason for living & he is preparing his son for the day when he won't be around. The father will do anything for his son even going against his own survival instincts in order to follow through on the lessons he taught his son. He also does everything in his power to protect his son as he tells him "I will kill anyone who touches you. Because that's my job." He is the father we should all aspire to be.

My father did not raise me. He worked long hours to support us. While I appreciate the hard work he did & all he provided, he could have been a better father. It would not have cost extra money or extra time. While people may joke about "quality time" it does make a difference. My father could have had dinner with his kids, instead he chose to eat alone.

I’m too old now to have kids, I do not have the energy to be a good father. I would end up being too tired like my father & I do not want to be a bad father like he was.  Selfish girls try to get pregnant when they are older without thinking about the babies future.

Newborns require a lot of energy; you have to wake up in the middle of the night. You don't get much sleep. Toddlers require a lot of energy too; you have to watch them all the time. Raising children is difficult & time-consuming. You have to repeat yourself over & over so that they learn. The work never stops. Older parents admit that it's better to be a younger parent.

Sure you can hire a nanny or babysitter but then you aren't raising your child. I would be too tired to do many things that are necessary. This continues until they are 20. If I had a kid tomorrow, I would be in my mid-60s by then. I would probably die of old age before they even get married.

Boys & girls have "daddy issues" because dads are important, a mother is not enough. A father can't just let the mother raise the children. He needs to be involved in the raising of his children. My father would sometimes go to the store to get bread & sometimes he would take one of us. But he didn't talk to us or give us advice. He bought us candy. He thought that was enough. He was wrong. He turned into beta bux, just providing money & not being a father. Instead I was raised by my mother to be a "nice guy" gentleman. You can't be too tired to raise your children or the mother will do what they do, raise beta males.

A kid needs both parents. 1 is not enough. I was raised to be a beta male by my mother & ended up a failure. My older brother married 1 girl & they both abandoned that son she raised. Then he let a single mom move in with him & now they have an open relationship where he bangs some ancient woman. My older sister married 1 man who was my dad's age & then had 2 kids with some other man who is also my dad's age.

Another reason it's too late for me is that men's sperm goes bad. Men make the mistake of thinking that celebrities who have children later in life are representative of all men. They aren't, they use their money to get the best fertility doctors. Men have a biological clock too. A lot of things can go wrong with an older father.

There is also the question of money. You need time to amass wealth to take care of your children. Trying to save money for your child's future at such a late age will be insanely difficult & guarantee that you will never retire.

You don't have all the time in the world to accomplish your goals. Time is the fire in which we burn.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


I'm a failure.

I admit it this because I don't want anyone else to end up like me. 

It wasn't easy to realize that I had failed at life. In order to know if you are a success or failure you need to have a goal in life & work towards it. I'm a failure because my goal in life was to be a husband & father. Basically I wanted to be the dad on Medium.

dad & family at breakfast
Medium was a show about a "psychic soccer mom" where the father & the family were as important as she was. On the show the father woke up early & had breakfast with his wife & kids. sometimes he drove them to school or picked them up. They loved & respected him. Obviously it wasn't all rainbows & puppies. The husband & wife argued. The kids were loud, messy & argued. He was unemployed for awhile, etc. but those things are all part of being a husband & father. That's life, it's hard; That's what I wanted & now it's too late.

I'm writing about this so that young men don't end up like me. Don't make the same mistakes that I made & you won't end up 42, never married & childless.

What did I do wrong?

Because I was raised to be a nice guy & a gentleman, whenever I would meet a girl who I had a lot in common with, (a girl who I could see a future with, in other words a girl who was "right" for me), I would treat her with respect. That turned out to be the worse possible thing. These, what I call "1st choice girls" would just friendzone me.

While I was in the friendzone, stupidly trying to prove my worth to them, I settled for banging what I call "2nd choice girls." I didn't really care about "2nd choice girls" & I put no effort into being with them. That turned out to be the way I should have treated my "1st choice girls" because not only did the "2nd choice girls" fall for me, I couldn't get rid of them. These "2nd choice girls" are the ones I ended up having relationships with.

It didn't make any sense to me at the time. The "1st Choice Girls" didn't see me the same way that the 2nd Choice Girls saw me. What was I doing wrong? Why did these 2nd choice girls put up with the way I treated them? It was the opposite of what I'd been told to do by movies & tv shows & girls themselves!

If I knew then to treat 1st choice girls as if they were 2nd choice girls I might have married one of my 1st choice girls & become a father. Instead I ruined my chances of teaching my son to ride a bike & taking my daughter to American Girl place by being a nice guy.

Don't make the same mistakes I made or you will end up like me. Click on those links & read!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sewing Conventions

Heroes of Sewing
Conventions have changed, these are not the observations of an old man who "doesn't get it," Denise Dorman also noticed the way the focus has changed & she ended up being threatened by white knights!

Cosplay used to be a way to meet other fans of that character, but now it has become a way for girls to sell pictures of themselves to desperate losers & for others to show off their sewing skills.

You can no longer talk to any female cosplayers because they will assume you are being creepy or trying to test them on their knowledge. The white knights tried to impress the fake geek girls & insulted Pat Broderick on twitter & wrote him "open letters," when he wrote the same things about how conventions are changing. Many conventions have basically becoming sewing conventions.

This means that people are going to comic book conventions to show off their sewing skills & some sell pictures of themselves. This attracts an audience of people who go to take pictures of the cosplayers & buy photo prints. This results in a decrease of people who go to buy comic book art & related items. When someone spends money on a photo, they also have less money to spend on Comics. That's just basic Zero Sum economics. Some artists are losing money when they go to conventions because of this change in focus.

Because a man wrote the same thing that Denise did, the man-hating morons at the mary stupid noticed his comment and because they are fake geek girls, they write with disdain, contempt & lack of respect for any male comic book artist they disagree with. They pretend to love comics but when comic book artist Pat Broderick complained about the new focus on cosplayers at comic book conventions, they wrote this headline: 'Another Comic Book Artist Can’t Stand Change, Competition; Writes Whiny Post About Cosplayers - "I left the industry for twenty years and now I'm irrelevant! Grr, blame the women!"'
As usual the fake geek girls at the mary stupid weigh in on something that is not related to girls, but their sexism shows as sam maggs assumes all cosplayers are female. Not all cosplayers are female, most of them are men. But these myopic idiots ignore the men just like this girl cosplayer did:
Really? Men have been doing this before you were born
The idiot at the mary stupid wrote "I’m not sure who determined that there would be an artistic hierarchy, and that creating art on paper would trump creating three-dimensional wearable art" because she's too stupid to realize that a comic book convention by definition places the comic book artists at the top of the hierarchy. Nobody would be dressing up as anything if a comic book artist had not drawn those characters & if a comic book writer had not written those characters.

Once the mary stupid attacks a man, the others join in on the bullying; like Gail Simone who thinks it's funny to bully a fellow comics artist, not realizing that if no one pays attention to her she will be out of a job. Her last book was cancelled because she sucks & she was fired from Batgirl, which is probably why she's trying to ruin Red Sonja.

Someone even went to the trouble of trying to defend being a fake geek cosplayer. Because a lot of female cosplayers don't care about anything except showing off their sewing skills & trying to sell prints despite not knowing anything about comics.

Fake Geek Girls looking to cosplay for attention

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Comic Book Woozle

47% of comic book readers ARE NOT girls.

This is a lie. It is based on Facebook "likes." Facebook "likes" are not indicative of anything. White knight Brett Schenker flat out lies (hoping to get laid) by putting up a post with a couple of graphs to make it look real & everyone just started quoting his headline. First one website repeats the lie. Then another,  until Time Magazine states it as fact, but it isn't. This woozle was even repeated in a video that I linked to.

He tried to spread this lie in 2011 but it was only "25% of the self-identified comic reading population is female" so how did the "self-identified" jump up from 25%? What happened after 2011? Thor & Captain America were in theaters. That's right, the movies starring mr. long haired 6-pack abs & mr. short haired 6-pack abs. So girls clicked "like" to see more abs.

I don't know how many times it has to be repeated that Facebook "likes" do not equal purchases or customers or in this case, readers. The BBC proved "likes" are meaningless. When DC got the Nielsen Company to help get real numbers for the New 52 they found that DC New 52 customers were 93% male. Not even close!! Corporations know "likes" are meaningless.

Even this feminist had to admit that comic book readership is actually 90% male when she looked at real numbers. But the fake geek girl & mangina controlled media won't report that. Instead they will continue lying & spreading this woozle that it's almost half girls. That is a lie, & corporations know better than to market items to people who do not spend money. Facebook "likes" do not equal sales.

Based on hard numbers derived from actual research, most girls don't read comics. Sure, some do, but not a lot. They may like the abs, I mean movies & they may like the attention, I mean conventions - but most don't really enjoy reading about the Emotional Spectrum or Terrigen Mists.

Some reasonable girls know this & some girls can explain why:
"Most comic books are aimed at boys, are serious, and have a focus on superpowers. Most popular webcomics are character-driven and have to do with the characters’ lifestyles, or observations about science or philosophy, and almost all of them could be clumped into the broad category of “humor.” While I know plenty of women who genuinely love to read about superheroes, I think that, generally, most women prefer to read (and write) about how characters interact with one another, and not how they’re gonna pulverize each other."

This is in contrast with the morons at The Mary Stupid. They claim to like comic books but they want to change the way superheroines are drawn, & change their costumes & change the stories & change this & change that...

If all you want to do is change something into a completely different thing, then you don't actually like that original thing. You just like the idea in your head of what it should be, not what it is right now, what it actually is. So some girl who says she likes comics but then wants to change every single thing about it, does not actually like comics. She wants to change the very thing that makes a comic book, a comic book. She wants to change it into a YA novel but comic books are not YA novels, they are comic books.

The girls at the mary stupid complain about DC all the time, but that corporation did real research & they know where the money is.

Money talks, BS walks.