Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Valka Sucks

Not even a kid's movie is safe from feminist idiots. How to Train Your Dragon 2 is somehow a feminist movie & Valka is a "strong female character" after you ignore things like facts & logic.

Did these feminist fools watch the same movie everyone else did? Hiccup's Incubator (she's not a mother because she was gone for 20 years, besides the movies are about Hiccup & Toothless) is not a strong female character. There is nothing strong about her. She is a childish female character & makes girls look bad. She is selfish & a sorry excuse for a mother. She chose to take care of dragons for 20 years while she abandoned her husband & child. Feminists love her because feminists hate mothers.

Hiccup's Incubator may be nurturing to dragons but she's not strong. She looks nothing like all the other strong Viking women in Berk who take care of their children & defend their village. She hides in an ice mountain provided by the male Bewilderbeast & she takes care of injured dragons. Unlike the other Viking women, she was off on her own taking care of animals instead of her son. She is not "tough" or "strong" so of course she needs to get rescued by Hiccup's dad, Stoick. And of course she doesn't protect her son, even when given a 2nd chance. She's useless.

If they make another season of the tv show, which all the fake geek girls writing about this movie obviously have not watched, she should not be in it. Hiccup turned into a good man thanks to his father. Sometimes rebelling from Stoick but many times learning from his father. Adding that terrible excuse for a mother to the show would probably undo a lot of it.

Stoick takes care of his son. Raised his son alone. Sometimes they disagree but many times Stoick & Hiccup learn from each other through compromise. He is a good chief & at one point let's Thornado stay on dragon island to look after the other Thunderdrums. Because he knows that children need a father, unlike Hiccup's incubator. How anyone can say she's a "strong" female character wasn't paying attention or is so immature that they think it's ok to shirk their responsibilities to go play with animals. When she learned how to ride dragons, she could have ridden back to her husband & child & shown the village what she learned. Instead she choose to play all day long, like a child, except she did this for years while her village of Berk was attacked by dragons who could have killed her son & husband. She could have stopped this but chose not to.

But this isn't the only thing that annoying feminist fake geek girls complain about. This moron complains that Drago isn't black but she doesn't mention that Astrid is voiced by a latina. As usual, feminists pick & choose what they complain about. Even though Dean Deblois, a gay man who worked on the film, is glad that he made a character gay, the feminist complains that Gobber isn't gay enough & mocks the film-maker for his accomplishment. As I've blogged before, feminists hate all men, even gay men.

Meanwhile this idiot defends all the bad decisions of Hiccup's Incubator because all that matters is validation. I can't imagine how many selfies Aja Romano posts every day so she can be "validated":

"Additionally, the film totally validated her life choices by making her caretaker of the coolest free-range dragon park ever, and presenting the choice to rejoin her family as a choice that would validate all of her earlier choices to leave them behind."

According to this deranged feminist, all that matters is "validation" for selfish decisions, no matter the consequences, even if it means that others have to clean up after you & die in the process. Because being a responsible parent is not important. Aja thinks girls should be allowed to follow their silly whims & abandon their infant son because "life choices." Hiccup's Incubator was close-minded & selfishly abandoned her infant son instead of staying & trying to change everyone's mind the way Hiccup did. A boy, a young man, was able to do what an adult female couldn't. Because girls run away instead of doing the hard work that is necessary to affect change.

"[Hiccup's incubator] proves that women can be badasses as activists and scientists and even, yes, as moms, too"

"As moms"?? By being absent for 20 years? By literally, NOT being a mom, she's a "badass" mom. Feminist logic, everyone! I shouldn't be surprised that this idiot re-defined feminism to mean pacifism because this awful feminist uses the phrase "manpain" to describe men being emotional, a man-hating phrase I've never seen before until I read her garbage.

All these moronic feminists are so proud of Hiccup's Incubator, I bet they are also proud of Frankea Dabbs. I could post more but you can see for yourself how many more "mothers" just like her there are.

These must all be "strong female characters" who are "a feminist triumph" according to feminist logic, right?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vicki Vale

Another fake geek girl complaining about girl characters in comics. Except this time, no matter how "empowered," "strong" or "capable" the character is, it's not enough.

Somehow Batman does what an entire police department can't but this feminist moron thinks Batman should get help from Vicki Vale in the movie.

Juliet Kahn doesn't understand that it's "Batman & Robin" not "Batman & Vicki." Nobody cares about Vicki Vale. We just want to see Batman, we don't want anyone to help Batman, not even Robin or Alfred.

Could this feminist be more stupid? Could it be more obvious that she doesn't understand Batman or comics in general?

As always the solution is simple: you don't like it? Don't read/watch it!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Superhero Pinups

Another Mangina trying to look good for the feminists, created "If Male Superheroes Were Treated Equally by Pin-up Artists" and as you expect it's incredibly stupid.

Pin-up girls are drawn in feminine poses because it appeals to men. This crappy sex reversal only reverses the sexes not the appeal. If you really want to treat it equally then you have to reverse the poses as well. You have to use poses that appeal to women like the covers of all those romance novels.

But mangina stephen byrne, kept the same feminine poses, so of course it looks ridiculous. Congratulations dude, you accomplished nothing, except making it clear you know nothing about women or what they find attractive. Your drawing will not help you get laid.

This is why I'm so glad that DC is releasing a ton of actual pinup covers this June. It has made all the feminists freak out (which is why the mangina drew his drawing) & means I will be spending a lot of money.

Feminist kelly thompson makes no mention that the covers are based on the statues that have been previously released when she whines that there isn't a male pinup cover. Even though the statues are mentioned all over the internet but that's what feminists do, omit & distort facts. More likely she is a fake geek girl who didn't even know about the statues & that's why she didn't mention them in her whine.

Despite the the manginas & the feminists at that site, most comic book customers are for it.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Chubbby Chasers

I’m not a chubbby-chaser but I have been accused of being one by some girls because they don't realize that somewhere in between fat & skinny there is normal and curvy & there are some men who prefer that. They think that because they are not skinny that I must be a chubby chaser. I like an hourglass shape & D-cups, however I don't like fat girls.

But the accusation makes me ask:
What is so wrong with those men who actually think fat girls are hot?

Girls say they want to be accepted for who they are but when one of those men show up & shows interest, they reject him as though there is something wrong with him for finding her attractive. But there isn't. If that's what he finds attractive there is nothing wrong with him, there is something wrong with her.

The problem is fat girls know that to most men, they are gross & unattractive. So they rationalize that any man who finds them attractive must be some kind of loser. In their mind only a loser would settle for a fat girl. Which is too bad because some men do prefer fat girls. If a man thinks you are attractive, it’s self-sabotaging to judge him as being weird. It’s no different from men who prefer redheads or men who prefer tattoo girls or leg-men or breast men, etc. Those are the things they find attractive. Real men go for whatever the fuck they like: skinny, curvy or fat.

The other thing fat girls do to blame men is to claim that men "fetishizes" them. Who knows what that even means. Does that mean that men who like big racks are "fetishizing" chests? Should that movie be renamed "Gentlemen fetishize blondes"? A fat girl who says that deserves to be alone. Like this one. She thinks that if you are sexually attracted to her you're a disgusting fetishizing chubby chaser, but if you don't find her attractive then you're a disgusting misogynist who only values women for their bodies. She doesn't realize that she's alone solely because of her personality not her body.

Here is another moron.
Instead of taking advantage of the men who actually find her attractive, she deludes herself into thinking that the chubby chaser who talks to her in a book store is doing so because he likes the books she reads. But this dummy doesn't realize that the book store chubby chaser is just good at hiding the fact that he's a chubby chaser. It's more "Fat Logic" at work.

He is probably the guy she rejected on online & he figured out where to meet her.
I'm sure this morbidly obese girl isn't a hypocrite who is so superficial or shallow as to have some kind of physical requirement in the man she wants to meet. "The thought of meeting a single, tall, brainy, emotionally available type who likes Scrabble, reading, travel, going to the gym and eating dessert.." Oh, a tall man, she must "fetishize" tall men. "How gross!"

These hypocrites deserve to be alone.

For some lolz here's someone turning the tables on another fat girl who doesn't like short men & a fake chubby chaser blog.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Alpha Fux, Beta Bux

Up until now Once Upon A Time has been very good. Sure there are "strong women," but the men aren't punchlines. They are capable & heroic. But S03E18 “Bleeding Through” exposed Alpha Fux Beta Bux from a woman's perspective in a shockingly unapologetic way.

Cora got pregnant by some gardener (alpha fux). She lied to Prince Leopold keeping it a secret so he would marry her & Cora even stole gold from Leopold because the gardener was blackmailing her (beta bux). Leopold was originally going to marry Eva but when Eva found out about the lie she exposed Cora's stealing & lying to him. Leopold broke it off with Cora & married Eva, an honest virgin who gave him a daughter (Snow White).

Men shouldn't raise another man's kid because as Eva said to Leopold: "A more worthy wife will give you the child that you deserve"
Leopold & Eva

Fast forward to the present & using magic, Eva's daughter (Snow White) & Cora's daughter (The Evil Queen) looked into the past & saw all of this. Their reaction was disappointment in Eva!! Because she stopped Cora from tricking a beta into raising an alpha's son! Cora's daughter actually says to Eva's daughter "I'm sorry you had to learn she had such darkness in her past" & she actually agrees!

Somehow on the show that constantly talks about right & wrong, the good character & the bad character both thought it was ok to trick a man into raising another man's child. Somehow honesty is referred to as "darkness" because it stopped a Beta from raising an Alpha's kid.

Even in The Enchanted Forest alpha fux & beta bux.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Doctor Who

A few years ago I noticed a lot of Doctor Who stuff in America. I thought it was odd because it's a British show. Then I noticed that there were a lot of girls talking about it. "How weird, girls like sci-fi now?" but I mostly ignored it until last year when it seemd to be everywhere so I decided to check it out. #FOMO

But like Abed, I needed to watch Inspector Spacetime from the beginning. That's right, I'm watching the old black & white episodes from the 60s, with the 1st doctor. As of this blog post, I've watched 65 episodes. They are low-budget & look like stage plays but everyone involved took it very serious. 

The dvds from Netflix have extras that usually don't show other Doctors but The Romans dvd did & there was a clip of one of the modern Doctors & suddenly it all made sense.

The reason why there are so many fake geek girls these days that like Doctor Who is because the BBC hired some attractive men as the modern Doctors & they also made the modern incarnation campy & romantic. So now it's basically a show about a cute man that makes fun of sci-fi, so of course girls like it. They just watch it for cute Doctors and they have no problem admitting it.

I'll probably stop watching it when I get to the modern campy era, which is ironic because that's why I started watching it in the 1st place.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wonder Girl

I'm not even going to go into how offensive janelle asselin's "critique" is to artist Kenneth Rocafort. I'm not going to go into it because Brett Booth did, & he was accused of being sexist by the internet white knights.

His complaints were valid. Anyone who has ever taught or who has been a manager, knows that when you offer criticism you first start with positive aspects then you go into the negative but she didn't. She attacked with lines like "The cover to the new "Teen Titans" #1, released earlier this week, is not just a terrible comics cover,..."

Brett Booth's tweets were about how she wasn't writing an art critique but just attacking the cover. He was right, she was attacking the cover. She used that cover to go on a rant about how girls are drawn in comics but the internet white knights had to put a misandrist spin on it & accused Brett Booth of being a mysoginst. What's funny is that at first they recognized it for what it was, a "hit piece" it's right there in the URL.
The only reason she thinks it's terrible is because she's a feminist with a declining career. She went from working at DC to writing "hire this girl" articles for a website. She has a feminist agenda & pushes it everywhere she goes, to the detriment of her own career. She could have stayed at DC & made comics that don't offend her feminist ideals, instead she just whines about it online. janelle asselin is just another hypocrite feminist posting pictures of shirtless men. I mean, she complained about the notebook paper because being such a comic book art "expert" she somehow missed the school bus & didn't realize it's about kids who attend school.

Her fake geek girl rant is also yet another instance of a girl using Facebook "likes" to project that girls "might" buy a comic in the future, which in fact does not prove who is actually purchasing this comic. It only proves who clicked "like" on Facebook. Nothing more. It's more woozle effect. Those people who clicked like on a tv show Facebook page are not going to buy the comic. Facebook likes do not equal purchases. This is a business after all. Money talks. There was a Teen Titans comic book based on the cartoons. It was cancelled.

"This is not a cover you run if you're trying to appeal to teenagers, and it's especially not going to appeal to teen girls."
DC is not trying to appeal to teen girls. why is it necessary to say "duh" to this feminist? Are not enough people saying it to her? I'm so sick of hearing about "potential readership" & "potential customers." Those people don't exist. Girls aren't going to start reading comics because Wonder Girl wears a b-cup. That's nonsense.

"YA is selling like crazy right now."
but Teen Titans isn't YA (Young Adult) novels. YA are novels, without pictures, that girls are buying, not comic books. So again, duh! Girls don't buy comics. They click "like" on Facebook & buy YA novels. They are not potential customers of this comic book.

But janelle asselin is not an art critic. She's a feminist & she freaked out over this cover for that reason alone. It's a pretty standard cover. It is nowhere near terrible. In fact Wonder Girl has been drawn that way before & even her new action figure looks like the cover., if you don't like comics don't buy them. Nobody is forcing you to buy comics. Vote with your wallet, buy your "grrl power" comics, either the market will adapt or it won't. But if you write some obviously feminist article about how an entire industry should change just to suit you & imaginary customers, don't be surprised when the current customers become upset.
The customers on Twitter got very angry, which is what happens when yet another annoying feminist starts trying to destroy our comics. Then she blogged about how people were being mean to her, on Tumblr, of course. The only good part of her Tumblr-whine is where she accidentally provides evidence of what we knew all along: these fake geek girls view geeks with contempt & disgust. She lets it slip here:
"And so as soon as the angry fanboys started looking me up after the CBR article,.."

Oh, those angry fanboys? Those fanboys, such losers those fanboys, amirite? Not Titans fans, not Booth fans, comic fans, not geeks but fanboys. You know, the derogatory term for comic book readers. I'm sure she didn't write that to make more guys mad her & keep trolling. But that wasn't enough, she had to keep trolling & posted on that cesspool website that all the fake geek girls post on when they want to whine into an echo chamber. It riles up the feminists who know nothing about comics to invade comic spaces.

"the problem is that too many other men think that they are in a crowd of like-minded men who are super sick of this feminazi bullshit."
Except that we are super sick of this feminazi bullshit. We just use our money to express ourselves while vocal internet white knights try to win your favor in the comments. But make no mistake, the backlash these fake geek girls are experiencing is real & it's only going to get worse. But you can't stop a feminist troll from kicking the hornet's nest so she decided to write yet another Tumblr post in order to push her feminist agenda by saying all comic geeks are rapists.

"You can choose to not rape women and instead to treat us as equals."
Of course, to her, every man is a rapist: "I also assume that there are other men I’ve met who are rapists."

And somehow she thinks men aren't going to get sick of this? Even an internet white knight should get sick of this.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mangina Sites

Avoiding websites meant for girls isn't enough. You also need to avoid websites written by Manginas.

These morons think that if they can blame men for everything enough & hate themselves enough, then girls will like them. They are obviously super-inexperienced when it comes to girls or they would realize how unattractive they are to girls.

Here is my small list of websites filled with manginas that you should avoid.

io9 sucks
It's run by fake geek girls who hate genre stuff. Most of the posts on there are about what's wrong with genre stuff & they disquise it by asking readers how to "fix" some story or property.

io9 also sucks because they really try to cultivate the whole white knight culture they have going on there. The commenters try to one up each other trying to be noticed by the girls who "write" there. Sometimes they even post blatantly anti-male junk that they copied over from jizzebel.

the good men project sucks
This website tricks you into thinking that you've found a website where you can discuss men's issues & be vulnerable because there are a lot of articles about that. But it's published by a girl, most of the commenters are girls & every day there is a new article blaming you for raping girls. It's also filled with bad advice that will destroy your relationship/marriage. No matter how much of a mangina you become, it's never enough for the feminists. It's probably why the founder got fed up & left the site.

Now it's overrun with man-hating feminists trying to convert you into being a subservient mangina. There are a few good articles on there but the constant barrage of anti-male posts & the unapologetic censorship that takes place in the comments makes it a site to avoid.

dr. nerdlove sucks
I've linked to comments on his site, but not his articles. This mangina gives awful advice blaming geeks for everything wrong with their love life.

the huffington post sucks
People share it's anti-male articles all the time. They even have a section just for blaming men for everything. I don't click on their articles anymore even when it's not gender-related because everything has that slant there.

salon sucks
This site is filled with feminist nonsense like this advice that unironically encourages & confirms alpha fux, beta bux. I thought it was satire but it turned out to be serious.

slate sucks
I've never read this site because other men pointed out how bad it is.

the atlantic sucks
I've never read this site either because other men have pointed out how bad it is since 2008!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Female Stupidity is Toxic

I started reading women's websites because it's good to learn about how they think in their own words. Red Pill sites can tell you about women but if you don't believe it, just read multiple women confirm it themselves. It was also easy to read those girl sites because they weren't blocked at work (surprise surprise) and they had new content every day (because girls can never seem to shut up).

Typical girl
But if you read them too much you will get depressed at how awful girls really are. How ignorant they are. How slutty they are. It can cloud the way you think about girls & make you angry at all of them.

So I stopped. It was making me too angry. I deleted all the bookmarks. I resisted the urge to see what the online morons thought about a particular issue. I focused on websites that I enjoyed and more manosphere sites. Reading intelligent comments from men, made me less angry & more wise.

The only problem is when I log onto facebook & read nonsense from my female friends. Sometimes I point out how wrong they are so that their male friends will take the Red Pill and I unfollow the ones who are just too retarded that they can't even count to potato.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Nofapious of Borg

Jean-Luc agrees
I'm not religious but I decided to give up abusing myself for Lent.

It's not just that pron is bad for you, it also takes up a lot of time (searching for it, downloading it & organizing it).
My time is better spent doing other things.