Thursday, December 18, 2014


I'm a failure.

I admit it this because I don't want anyone else to end up like me. 

It wasn't easy to realize that I had failed at life. In order to know if you are a success or failure you need to have a goal in life & work towards it. I'm a failure because my goal in life was to be a husband & father. Basically I wanted to be the dad on Medium.

dad & family at breakfast
Medium was a show about a "psychic soccer mom" where the father & the family were as important as she was. On the show the father woke up early & had breakfast with his wife & kids. sometimes he drove them to school or picked them up. They loved & respected him. Obviously it wasn't all rainbows & puppies. The husband & wife argued. The kids were loud, messy & argued. He was unemployed for awhile, etc. but those things are all part of being a husband & father. That's life, it's hard; That's what I wanted & now it's too late.

I'm writing about this so that young men don't end up like me. Don't make the same mistakes that I made & you won't end up 42, never married & childless.

What did I do wrong?

Because I was raised to be a nice guy & a gentleman, whenever I would meet a girl who I had a lot in common with, (a girl who I could see a future with, in other words a girl who was "right" for me), I would treat her with respect. That turned out to be the worse possible thing. These, what I call "1st choice girls" would just friendzone me.

While I was in the friendzone, stupidly trying to prove my worth to them, I settled for banging what I call "2nd choice girls." I didn't really care about "2nd choice girls" & I put no effort into being with them. That turned out to be the way I should have treated my "1st choice girls" because not only did the "2nd choice girls" fall for me, I couldn't get rid of them. These "2nd choice girls" are the ones I ended up having relationships with.

It didn't make any sense to me at the time. The "1st Choice Girls" didn't see me the same way that the 2nd Choice Girls saw me. What was I doing wrong? Why did these 2nd choice girls put up with the way I treated them? It was the opposite of what I'd been told to do by movies & tv shows & girls themselves!

If I knew then to treat 1st choice girls as if they were 2nd choice girls I might have married one of my 1st choice girls & become a father. Instead I ruined my chances of teaching my son to ride a bike & taking my daughter to American Girl place by being a nice guy.

Don't make the same mistakes I made or you will end up like me. Click on those links & read!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sewing Conventions

Heroes of Sewing
Conventions have changed, these are not the observations of an old man who "doesn't get it," Denise Dorman also noticed the way the focus has changed & she ended up being threatened by white knights!

Cosplay used to be a way to meet other fans of that character, but now it has become a way for girls to sell pictures of themselves to desperate losers & for others to show off their sewing skills.

You can no longer talk to any female cosplayers because they will assume you are being creepy or trying to test them on their knowledge. The white knights tried to impress the fake geek girls & insulted Pat Broderick on twitter & wrote him "open letters," when he wrote the same things about how conventions are changing. Many conventions have basically becoming sewing conventions.

This means that people are going to comic book conventions to show off their sewing skills & some sell pictures of themselves. This attracts an audience of people who go to take pictures of the cosplayers & buy photo prints. This results in a decrease of people who go to buy comic book art & related items. When someone spends money on a photo, they also have less money to spend on Comics. That's just basic Zero Sum economics. Some artists are losing money when they go to conventions because of this change in focus.

Because a man wrote the same thing that Denise did, the man-hating morons at the mary stupid noticed his comment and because they are fake geek girls, they write with disdain, contempt & lack of respect for any male comic book artist they disagree with. They pretend to love comics but when comic book artist Pat Broderick complained about the new focus on cosplayers at comic book conventions, they wrote this headline: 'Another Comic Book Artist Can’t Stand Change, Competition; Writes Whiny Post About Cosplayers - "I left the industry for twenty years and now I'm irrelevant! Grr, blame the women!"'
As usual the fake geek girls at the mary stupid weigh in on something that is not related to girls, but their sexism shows as sam maggs assumes all cosplayers are female. Not all cosplayers are female, most of them are men. But these myopic idiots ignore the men just like this girl cosplayer did:
Really? Men have been doing this before you were born
The idiot at the mary stupid wrote "I’m not sure who determined that there would be an artistic hierarchy, and that creating art on paper would trump creating three-dimensional wearable art" because she's too stupid to realize that a comic book convention by definition places the comic book artists at the top of the hierarchy. Nobody would be dressing up as anything if a comic book artist had not drawn those characters & if a comic book writer had not written those characters.

Once the mary stupid attacks a man, the others join in on the bullying; like Gail Simone who thinks it's funny to bully a fellow comics artist, not realizing that if no one pays attention to her she will be out of a job. Her last book was cancelled because she sucks & she was fired from Batgirl, which is probably why she's trying to ruin Red Sonja.

Someone even went to the trouble of trying to defend being a fake geek cosplayer. Because a lot of female cosplayers don't care about anything except showing off their sewing skills & trying to sell prints despite not knowing anything about comics.

Fake Geek Girls looking to cosplay for attention

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Comic Book Woozle

47% of comic book readers ARE NOT girls.

This is a lie. It is based on Facebook "likes." Facebook "likes" are not indicative of anything. White knight Brett Schenker flat out lies (hoping to get laid) by putting up a post with a couple of graphs to make it look real & everyone just started quoting his headline. First one website repeats the lie. Then another,  until Time Magazine states it as fact, but it isn't. This woozle was even repeated in a video that I linked to.

He tried to spread this lie in 2011 but it was only "25% of the self-identified comic reading population is female" so how did the "self-identified" jump up from 25%? What happened after 2011? Thor & Captain America were in theaters. That's right, the movies starring mr. long haired 6-pack abs & mr. short haired 6-pack abs. So girls clicked "like" to see more abs.

I don't know how many times it has to be repeated that Facebook "likes" do not equal purchases or customers or in this case, readers. The BBC proved "likes" are meaningless. When DC got the Nielsen Company to help get real numbers for the New 52 they found that DC New 52 customers were 93% male. Not even close!! Corporations know "likes" are meaningless.

Even this feminist had to admit that comic book readership is actually 90% male when she looked at real numbers. But the fake geek girl & mangina controlled media won't report that. Instead they will continue lying & spreading this woozle that it's almost half girls. That is a lie, & corporations know better than to market items to people who do not spend money. Facebook "likes" do not equal sales.

Based on hard numbers derived from actual research, most girls don't read comics. Sure, some do, but not a lot. They may like the abs, I mean movies & they may like the attention, I mean conventions - but most don't really enjoy reading about the Emotional Spectrum or Terrigen Mists.

Some reasonable girls know this & some girls can explain why:
"Most comic books are aimed at boys, are serious, and have a focus on superpowers. Most popular webcomics are character-driven and have to do with the characters’ lifestyles, or observations about science or philosophy, and almost all of them could be clumped into the broad category of “humor.” While I know plenty of women who genuinely love to read about superheroes, I think that, generally, most women prefer to read (and write) about how characters interact with one another, and not how they’re gonna pulverize each other."

This is in contrast with the morons at The Mary Stupid. They claim to like comic books but they want to change the way superheroines are drawn, & change their costumes & change the stories & change this & change that...

If all you want to do is change something into a completely different thing, then you don't actually like that original thing. You just like the idea in your head of what it should be, not what it is right now, what it actually is. So some girl who says she likes comics but then wants to change every single thing about it, does not actually like comics. She wants to change the very thing that makes a comic book, a comic book. She wants to change it into a YA novel but comic books are not YA novels, they are comic books.

The girls at the mary stupid complain about DC all the time, but that corporation did real research & they know where the money is.

Money talks, BS walks.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Big Hero 6

My favorite part of the feminist anti-Barbie, Lammily, is that a man made it.

Despite years & years of complaining about Barbie.
Despite hundreds of "strong independent womyn" complaining about Barbie.

It was a man who made the alternative. It was a man who took action because feminist womyn can only whine about things online. I wonder how long until a feminist tells him to check his privilege for telling girls what their body should look like.

Feminists love whining about Barbie because they can't buy female action figures with realistic bodies.

Or action figures based on real living women.
Because apparently those don't exist.
Feminists: erasing the existence & accomplishments of real women since Tumblr become popular.

I'm afraid he's going to lose the money that he kickstarted. Girls aren't going to want her.

It will fail because this isn't the first time someone has tried to sell an anti-Barbie. Almost 15 years ago a doll that was a better role model than the new tattooed hipster doll failed in the marketplace. Despite all the hard work that went into it, it was was bought by men to customize (check the comment section here).

Girls would rather have barbie dolls that are monsters instead of feminist propaganda

A real toy company turned feminist Go-Go Tomago from the movie Big Hero 6 (she says nonsense like "woman up" to the young man who improves everyone else's inventions, including hers.) into a fashion doll - like Barbie!!

Even though there is an action figure of Go-Go, toy companies know which version girls will want: the Barbie-sized 11" fashion doll, not some average looking doll with pimples & scars like Lammily.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cosplay Fake Geek Girls

Some cosplay girls are real geek girls & actually read comics. We love those girls. They are the best.

Some cosplay girls are fake geek girls who cosplay to sell prints of themselves in skimpy outfits to desperate men who don't know any better. They sexualize characters that shouldn't be sexualized. They suck.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Stick Figure Internet White Knights

There's always some mangina who thinks that if he attacks other men, girls will find him attractive. These men are totally clueless because that's not how it works offline. Pandering to girls as a mangina is a good way to get attention online these days & the easiest way to do it is with a poorly drawn web comic.
The most well-known poorly drawn web comic is xkcd. I used to like xkcd because it was filled with nerdy science jokes but recently he has been churning out more of these mangina comics so he can get more attention. Randall Munroe is already married so he has no problem making these mangina comics but all the girls & other manginas then re-post his comics everywhere. I've mentioned him before where I linked to his tv appearance where he was mocked for being boring.

#322 sucks
When you look at internet white knights you will see that they are the actual sexists. Here is his fantasy where he confronts the internet "misogynist" but even though there is a girl there, the man has to rescue her & then he even orders her around.

#1325 sucks
The irony of this one is that a science comic asks men to ignore their observations, the empirical evidence right in front of them. The only good part of this terrible mangina comic is that it should push more men to abandon those "friendships" with girls who take advantage of them.

#513 sucks
This one is a complete lie made up by people who have never been in the friendzone. Men don't suggest this. Men don't put themselves in the friendzone, this simply does not happen. it's a stupid strategy that no man willingly employs. This is the lie that girls & manginas keep spreading on the internet.

What happens is that girls say "I really like you let's just be friends" after she says "I believe in being friends first." Girls then proceed to take advantage of him & get all their non-sexual needs met from him but he does not get his relationship needs met. The "friendship" is always, always, one-sided. The girl never does anything for the man stuck in the friendzone. It's also not a real friendship as men in the friendzone would never do those things for their male friends & a female friend would also never do those things.

The pathetic part is when he writes "in a moment of weakness" a girl will choose the man who was there for her & the man she could depend on? the implication that a strong girl will choose the guys who treat her like garbage. He wrote this to pander to all those girls who take advantage of nice guys & refuse to admit it.

#1027 sucks
According to him being a "nice guy" is bad but so is being a PUA, (you know, the jerk that the girl should keep dating in the previous comic). For a White Knight every man is bad, except him of course!

Other manginas have figured out that they can get in on the action by making a comic about the friendzone like this one. It has the usual girl/mangina friendzone argument: if he were a "true" nice guy he would remain a doormat & allow himself to be exploited. It's filled with such over-the-top misogyny that it can't be taken seriously.

For girls & manginas, when the man wakes up & realizes he was taken advantage of & expresses his anger, somehow it retro-actively changes him from a nice guy to an a-hole. When a religious person decides that they are an atheist, that doesn't negate their previous religious beliefs. They were not an atheist the entire time & just pretending to be religious.

But that's how girls justify taking advantage of clueless men. & that's how manginas with no artistic talent try to make themselves seem better than other men.

Friday, October 17, 2014

More Mangina Sites

"manginas are afraid of me"
I updated my list of mangina sites post with more websites yoiu should avoid & a way to block those sites from getting advertising dollars.

Money talks, bs walks.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The manginas at comics alliance are whining again about a product that you can easily NOT BUY. DC t-shirts at Walmart. You don't like them? Don't buy them! Vote with your wallet. But it's so much easier to complain & create another fake scandal.

Feminists & white knights would rather engage in censorship, so they complained to DC who apologized for something DC didn't even do.

Those are licensed t-shirts. They aren't made by DC or sold on DC direct. It's like those fake geek girls don't know anything about comics.
these t-shirts just triggered you

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Lottery

The Lottery is another Sci-fi show about girls who are desperately trying to have babies.

It's a good show which even has a single dad who is a great father, so I won't spoil anything in my description: In the near future everyone on earth has become infertile, but a scientist fertilizes 100 embryos so the US government creates a lottery to save the human race.

What's important is that The Lottery is only open to female candidates who are best suited to become mothers. When they describe the girls who have made it into the 1st round, the ones "best suited" to become mothers, we find out that they are all in their 20s! The show tries not to mention the age requirement but it's pretty obvious. Then in episode 9 they explicitly state the maximum age as 32. 32!!

Smart girls judging the only moron who doesn't want to get pregnant
By that episode we have seen plenty of characters desperate to have children & plenty who regret putting off motherhood for their careers. They even interview one & she says: "Like a lot of women my age I pursued a career thinking motherhood would always be there, waiting for me, when I was ready for it. But it wasn't."

This show is like a subtle warning to all the girls who think they can delay having children until they are in their late 30s. Girls are finding out the hard way that the celebrities who have babies over 35 are only able to do so because they are rich enough to afford the best fertility specialists & the best drugs. The average couple cannot. They foolishly think that because they look young & are healthy that they are still fertile, they are not.

Female fertility declines with age. This is a medical fact & girls need to stop delaying marriage & children. They also need to realize that fertility in men is also affected by age. The rate of Autism in children increases with both the mother's age & also the father's age!

Of course girls who are over 30 try to validate their terrible life choices by trying to get young girls to make the same bad choice to wait. They lie & claim that the fertility data is outdated but...

"In analysis done on the embryo transfers that took place in the year 2006, 44.9% resulted in live births in women younger than 35 years — compared to 37.3% in women 35-37"
- American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

"older moms also face an increased risk of complications in the delivery room, according to a 2007 study that examined data from births between 1980 and 2004" - National Institutes of Health

"fertility especially declines after age 35. As a woman ages, normal changes that occur in her ovaries and eggs make it harder to become pregnant. Even though menstrual cycles continue to be regular in a woman's 30s and 40s, the eggs that ovulate each month are of poorer quality than those from her 20s. It is harder to get pregnant when the eggs are poorer in quality." - The Office on Women's Health

"As you get older, you're also more likely to deal with health problems that may affect your fertility" - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"There is a noticeable decline in the fertility rate starting at age 35 to a level of about 10% per month." - Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine

Each month that she tries, a healthy, fertile 30-year-old woman has a 20% chance of getting pregnant,” the American Society for Reproductive Medicine notes in a report. “By age 40, a woman’s chance is less than 5% per cycle.” - Wall Street Journal

"Most women simply don’t realize that at 30, a healthy woman has about a 20 percent chance of conceiving per month and by the time she reaches 40, her odds drop to about 5 percent" - Today Show

Girls need to stop delaying marriage & motherhood or they will end up like this girl who is 33 & already has fertility problems. (Her story also demonstrates why you shouldn't marry a girl in her 30s. Only 1 month after marriage & the beta-bux husband is turned into nothing more than a sperm-donor.)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Con Harassment Policy

NYCC is going to be ruined by insane feminists who try to ruin everything else. Thanks to some non-geeks who went to NYCC in 2013 to harass cosplay girls, comic book geeks will suffer.

Instead of banning those organizations & those people from attending, NYCC has contacted the morons at the mary sue to create their new policy.

The mary sue are the idiots who started the spider-woman controversy, the same morons who are glad the New52 She-ra has a long skirt & complained she's not wearing pants because they don't know anything about She-ra but they won't let that stop them from ruining things.

They don't even know how to write a harassment policy, so they asked their brain dead readers. Who is the top person they are considering? Some gender studies clown who relates a story of multiple girls sexually harassing her younger brother and yet still claims that when men are harassed it's by other men. [citation needed]

sir adam, the white knight, hoping to get laid

They just copied some tumblr nonsense. No "bathroom policing"? So if a man enter's the girl's bathroom, some girl can't tell him to leave? Or maybe they can both report each other. Good job feminist idiots! (Love how the fake geek girls refer to us as "fanboys," the term used by non-geeks to insult us.)

The best part is that now bitches can secretly report you via the app. Did you make some fake geek girl "feel bad" because you talked about how The Man of Steel movie ruined the impact of Brightest Day? Now she can secretly report you & because of the "zero tolerance" you will be kicked out with no explanation. It's like The Trial except you won't get a trial.

This "con harassment" is just another feminist woozle & it's no surprise that janelle asselin wrote an article on bitch magazine about it (an appropriate name for a website & it's writers). Luckily SDCC did not cave to these feminists, because Justin Kalior was judged & convicted by the internet white knights & fake geek girl feminists for beating a girl except it turned out that he didn't, no one did. She got so wasted that she injured herself badly enough to be hospitalized after she lied about her age & ran away from her ride because she wanted to stay and party longer. When the truth came out, all the SJWs stayed silent hoping the story would go away.

Why are these policies so bad? If you aren't handsome enough some girl can falsely accuse you of something & without proof, without evidence, without witnesses, you will get ejected from the convention. Innocent until proven guilty? not anymore.

If you don't believe that these policies hurt geeks, more than they help, keep in mind that this guy has been banned from a convention & he is a white knight!