Thursday, November 19, 2015


Because the social justice warriors won't be happy until they ruin every comic book, Iceman is now gay. How many SJW comics have been cancelled now? The Movement, She-hulk & All New X-Factor. For a while present day Earth-616 Iceman was straight, it was only alternate timeline young Iceman who was gay, because as I've explained before, this generates headlines & publicity for their movies.

I had hoped that this idiocy would be dropped after Secret Wars ended but no. Instead of returning the teenage x-men to their timeline, they decided to keep going with this stupid stunt & idiot brian michael bendis, made it canon in his last issue, even as he acknowledged all the idiotic things he's done on the x-men. He ret-conned away all of Iceman's girlfriends & the fact that no other telepath found this out, including the evil ones, is never addressed.

The only good part of this nonsense is that SJW are never satisfied. Now that Iceman is gay, (ignoring all of the females he has been involved with) other SJW have accused the writers of
"bi-erasure" which, as I just learned today, is "the tendency to ignore, remove, falsify, or re-explain evidence of bisexuality" which is interesting because SJW joss whedon is guilty of this when he turned willow into a lesbian & did that exact same thing.

This leads to nonsense like an article called "8 Comic-Book Characters Who Need To Come Out As Bisexual Already" no, I'm not linking to it, it's SJW stupidity.

There is a reason they didn't just make a Northstar monthly comic, because despite how these stupid mangina sites love to report on these stunts. The social justice warriors do not buy comics. and it's easier to just alter or destroy an already established superhero.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Green Arrow 38

Green Arrow Vol 5 #38 sucks
Written by: Ben Sokolowski, Andrew Kreisberg
Don't buy this issue
Don't financially support this kind of garbage.
Money Talks, BS walks.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead

They really tried hard to make the "star" of Fear the Walking Beta different from Rick.

Travis is a brown, anti-gun, beta bucks, boyfriend to his post-wall single mom. Travis is a single dad & when the zombie apocalypse starts he tries to make sure his son is safe but his harpy ex-wife starts talking about visitation instead of helping to make sure the son is safe.

You would think he learned his lesson, being divorced but this loser is living with a post-wall mother of 2. Her kids do not respect him (& 1 of them is a Heroin addict). The post-wall mom doesn't respect him either. Single moms don't respect any beta who settles for her. They know deep down only a loser would settle for a single mom & raise another man's kids.

He's also a naive pacifist who doesn't want to use a gun to take out a zombie even when surrounded by testosterone-filled male soldiers questioning his manhood. Even though they start to encourage him, this pathetic beta chokes & gives back the gun.

Both of the girls in his life think he is a fragile mangina. When his ex-wife is infected she asks the single mom to shoot her, because "it would destroy him" if he had to do it. This is a few episodes after the single mom asked the ex-wife to shoot her if she ever got infected. They both are trying to protect Travis the mangina because they know he is pathetic.

I'll keep watching but it is hard to watch this loser. Hopefully he will toughen up or die as the series goes on.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mean Girls of Cosplay

showing off her crochet skills
Cosplay is slowly being ruined by girls who want to show off their sewing skills. Even McCalls, the company that makes sewing patterns, agrees. This is why there are so many mashups of popular characters. They are just showing off their sewing skills rather than dressing up as their favorite character.

And now they have turned it into the new high school with the mean girls drama that inevitably occurs when attractive girls get togther. Here are two girls whining about the mean girls drama that they themselves created by excluding male geeks.

As if it's not bad enough that they think they can re-write well established photography rules. They now think they can make their mean girls nastyness into ettiquette rules. Completely missing the point of dressing up, which is to make friends with people who like the same character you do, they are telling geeks not to be friendly. Here is what one fake geek girl wrote

"I’d like to reiterate, if I may, a few points from my panel that I believe are crucial to know when interacting with someone you admire: At conventions, DO NOT BECOME A HOVER FAN. Ask for a photo, say a compliment, maybe exchange a few lines of dialogue, and move on. DO NOT interject yourself into a person’s conversations that they are having with other people or follow a person around."

Understand geek? These girls want nothing to do with you. The mean girls from high school who hated geeks are now dressing up in cosplay to make money off desperate geeks. They think they are celebrities & demand to be treated that way.

This one is even charging money to take a photo with her just like the actors.


They don't want to talk about comics or anything else with us. They just want you to shut up & buy their prints.

And don't complain after you send 3 emails for something you paid for, or she will use the DARVO technique & unleash her white knights on you.

They also want you to send them free things.

#PenPals because she will never be attracted to the desperate geeks who send her free stuff.

Men dressing up in costumes, this thing that men have been doing for years & been ridiculed for, has just been noticed by some of these mean girls. Because to them, male geeks are invisible.

It's best to avoid these fake geek girls. If you try to talk to them to much, then you are "Gate-keeping" or being "creepy" or "harassing" them or whatever random accusation they can think of & they will get you kicked out.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


I thought Secret Wars was going to do away with all of the SJW pandering that Marvel has been doing lately. I was wrong.

The Incredible Hulk is now the Totally Pandering Hulk & he's Asian.

It's another dumb move to pander to the SJW websites that will report on it & turn it into "news." These character changes are nothing more than advertisements for Marvel movies. They don't care that these stunts lead to a decrease in comic book sales as long as it results in an increase in movie ticket & dvd sales. Or in the case of the Fantastic Four, they cancelled the book to decrease movie ticket sales, but that turned out to be unnecessary. They don't even care about the storyline where Doc Green went around curing all the other Gamma irradiated people, so a new Hulk is dumb on every level.

Making The Hulk Asian is easier than making Sunfire or Jubilee more important characters. Despite how she's been shoved down everyone's throat, nobody cares about Silk except fake geek girls. She just isn't as popular as they pretend she is.

Personally I wish they hade made S.P.E.A.R. & The Ascendants a more important part of the Marvel universe, if they wanted more Asians. They could have been given their own book duing Secret Wars but Marvel knows that it generates more headlines & free advertising for their movies to change an existing character into a minority.

I think The Ascendants look pretty cool:

Clockwise: Devastator (iron man guy), Monkey King (Shang-Chi guy), Vector (Shatterstar guy), Falcon (is not part of the team), Weather Witch (storm girl), Saber (captain marvel girl).

Now we have Asian Hulk, muslim Ms. Marvel, feminist Thor, black Captain America, at this rate it's only a matter of time before they make Deadpool into a Mexican & Wolverine into a Native American.

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Last Ship

This show is patriarchy approved.

It's a great show & even better in the 2nd season. It doesn't take cheap shots at men, it simply concentrates on the mission. The Last Ship is really well-written.

It's about a US Navy Destroyer that has to save the world from a pandemic. The captain not only commands an entire ship of people, he also knows when to take advice from other men. Because it's about the military, there is a lot of silent subtle acting. There is also plenty of action with explosions, fights, missiles, torpedoes, etc.

This show really should get more accolades.

she ♥s lycans

Friday, August 14, 2015


It has a woman in it & they even changed one of the characters into a black man! The fake geek girls & SJW must have gone to see this movie in droves! It must have been sold out everywhere!

Nope. It flopped.

Why? Because fake geek girls & SJW do not like comic books. Girls don't care that there's a powerful superheroine in the movie. Why didn't they see this movie the way all those girls went to see the other movies? Is it because this movie draws too much from Earth-1610? Of course not.

The reason is simple: None of the male actors released promotional selfies of their 6-pack abs before the movie opened. I haven't seen it yet & I know there are no scenes in the movie of the 3 men showing off their abs. That's the only reason girls go to comic book movies.

Making Johnny Storm black didn't help either.

SJW don't spend money on things they claim they want. Take racist fake geek girl, J. A. Micheline. who whines because the creators of the new Blade comic are white. Yet nowhere in her racist screed does she mention Blade's recent appearance in Wolverines this past April, which she would have enjoyed because that issue had some surprise out-of-character misandry in it:

Because X-23 has always been a pacifist
She also doesn't mention that Fant4stic has a black Johnny Storm or that Nova is now a black mom. Or Captain America & the Mighty Avengers. Or Deathlok get the idea.

This girl also complained about Strange Fruit & the hip hop covers on ManginaAlliance. Can she be more racist? I doubt it. Like most SJW she would rather censor things than have the market decide: “This comic never should have been made,” she wrote.

It's almost like she's some fake geek girl who doesn't read comics but only complains about them. But I'm sure I'm wrong. I'm sure she has a complete collection of Icon & Shadow Cabinet.

Friday, August 7, 2015


Ant-Man is patriarchy approved. (both the pre-Secret Wars comic & the movie).

Movie Scott Lang is in jail because he was a whistle blower/do-gooder. He's a loving divorced father so his harpy ex-wife, who is living in a big house with her new cop-husband, still tries to bleed Scott for money she doesn't need by using his daughter as a bargaining chip. Hank Pym is also a loving father & protects his own daughter, Hope Pym, by putting Scott in danger instead of her. Scott says as a result: "I'm disposable" but because Scott is also a father, he understands why Hank is protecting his daughter. The movie has Men doing what's necessary to save the day.
Go see it.
don't get married!
Comic book Scott Lang is a loving divorced father so his harpy ex-wife still tries to bleed Scott for money by using his daughter as a bargaining chip. She moves to Florida without warning but he also moves to Florida, to be there for his daughter. The comic is also pretty funny.

Go buy it.

The lesson to be learned from both versions of Ant-man (& all the links) is:




Monday, July 27, 2015


Between is patriarchy approved.

There is no unrealistic behavior on this show where society starts to break down when all the adults die in this small town. Between portrays girls the way they really are, with no sugar-coating. There are a lot of examples but I want to focus on one.

In S01E03 "Crossing Lines" written by Malcolm Macrury, it is two weeks after the town has been quarantined. Ronnie, the drug dealer, has been accused of something but he is innocent because he was banging Stacy that night. He needs Stacy to clear his name so he goes to ask Stacy for her boyfriend's house.

Stacy is not happy: This is Chuck's house, you idiot. If he walks through that door I'm yelling "rape"

This cheating girl tells her side-man what she will do to keep her beta bucks BF (he's rich) but this idiot doesn't listen. So while Stacy's beta Boyfriend Chuck is out all night trying to maintain order in town, Ronnie ignores her warning & bangs Stacy again that night.

The next morning Stacy tells him that she won't clear his name because what I have with Chuck is good. Actually it's great & I'm not going to throw it away for you. Ronnie doesn't know that Hypergamy doesn't care.

This idiot ignores her 2nd warning & begs her to help him, so Stacy assures him that she will clear his name & explain it to her boyfriend. He asks how & she replies You're just going to have to trust me.

[Spoiler Alert!]

When Stacy sees her boyfriend nearby, Stacy punches Ronnie in the face & lies to her boyfriend that Ronnie attacked her.

Later that episode cuckold Chuck get his hands on Ronnie's phone & finds out he's been cuckolded & dumps Stacy.

This is what girls do because they don't think about the consequences. Learn how to protect yourself so you don't end up like either Ronnie or Chuck.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Mr. Robot

I am done watching this show. Despite being a well-written & interesting show with great direction & visuals, mr. robot sucks.

The reason I’m done is that the main character, Elliot, is a white knight drug-addict hacker with "social anxiety" in the friendzone. He's like most Tumblr SJW manginas who think that they shouldn't have to grow up & work. They think that they "deserve" things instead of working for them. They are spoiled children who whine about the real world & the hard work that is necessary in order to function & earn what you want. They think that these things should just come to them like "the secret" because they "deserve it."

Mr. Robot: My dad was a petty thief. Never could hold down a job. So, he just robbed, convenience stores, shops, small-time stuff. One time, he sat me down; he told me something I never forgot. He said, "Everyone steals. That's how it works. You think people out there are getting exactly what they deserve? No. They're getting paid over or under, but someone in the chain always gets bamboozled. I steal, son, but I don't get caught. That's my contract with society. Now if you can catch me stealing, I'll go to jail. But if you can't, then I've earned the money." I respected that, man. I thought that shit was cool as a little kid. A few years after that, they finally caught him. Sent him to jail. Dies five years later. My respect goes with him. I thought he was free doing what he did, but he wasn't. He was in prison. Just like you are now, Elliot. But I'm gonna break you out.

But he doesn't "break Elliot out" because he subscribes to the same childish worldview of his petty criminal dad. Mr. Robot is also a white knight, like the ones who joined anonymous because they learned how to use low orbit ion cannons. Mr. Robot thinks that erasing people's debt is going to make the world a better place (Elliot's huge student loan probably has nothing to do with him joining Mr. Robot). They plan to do this by blowing up a pipeline that will also destroy a nearby building that stores all the debt hard copies. The safety of the hourly workers at the building is just an after-thought. Being a responsible adult & paying back your debt is "so lame" to people like Elliot. He doesn't do what's necessary to fix his life. He just blames everyone else for his problems & escapes with drugs.

with his drug-dealer girlfriend, post-bang
The show manages to illustrate something I've blogged about before when it comes to the Friendzone. Elliot has no real feelings for his drug-dealer girl and consequently doesn't care about her feelings. So she seduces him. He has real feelings for his co-worker & cares about her feelings. So she Friendzones him. To his co-worker he is the autistic omega, but to the drug-dealer girl, he is an aloof alpha. His co-worker doesn't see him the same way the drug-dealer does. This is the same problem I had. It all comes down to the way he behaves with each girl because his co-worker isn't even pretty. If a girl loses attraction to you because of how you behave around her, you will be friendzoned. The best example of this irl is how Jimmy Fallon blew his chances with Nicole Kidman due to his behavior.

In the 1st episode Elliot ruins an innocent man's life because he thinks all "corporations are evil." he accomplishes this by using his pc (made by a corporation), flying on a corporate jet (made by a corporation) that's owned by his job (a corporation) for their clients (other corporations). You get the idea, like most SJW manginas, he's a huge hypocrite.

In the 3rd episode we see a ruthless straight VP have gay sex just to get ahead in his career & then have BDSM sex with his wife later that night. In the 4th episode we see Elliot’s drug-dealer girlfriend make out with his co-worker crush. It's a pretty clear message that girls being gay is "harmless fun" but when a man does it, it's evil. Normalize lesbianism but vilify gays for no other reason that male sex is evil.

This stupid show even has the gall to misquote The Matrix to talk about money: "Let me tell you why you're really here. You're here because you sense something wrong with the world. Something you can't explain. But... you know it controls you and everyone you care about." Then he talks about Money & the gold standard because I guess "real" hackers don't use bitcoin?

So if you want to watch some pathetic white knight mangina as he "occupies wall street" with some muslim girl, then this is the show for you (not me).

Even plain girls can friendzone you