Friday, August 28, 2015

The Last Ship

This show is patriarchy approved.

It's a great show & even better in the 2nd season. It doesn't take cheap shots at men, it simply concentrates on the mission. The Last Ship is really well-written.

It's about a US Navy Destroyer that has to save the world from a pandemic. The captain not only commands an entire ship of people, he also knows when to take advice from other men. Because it's about the military, there is a lot of silent subtle acting. There is also plenty of action with explosions, fights, missiles, torpedoes, etc.

This show really should get more accolades.

she ♥s lycans

Friday, August 14, 2015


It has a woman in it & they even changed one of the characters into a black man! The fake geek girls & SJW must have gone to see this movie in droves! It must have been sold out everywhere!

Nope. It flopped.

Why? Because fake geek girls & SJW do not like comic books. Girls don't care that there's a powerful superheroine in the movie. Why didn't they see this movie the way all those girls went to see the other movies? Is it because this movie draws too much from Earth-1610? Of course not.

The reason is simple: None of the male actors released promotional selfies of their 6-pack abs before the movie opened. I haven't seen it yet & I know there are no scenes in the movie of the 3 men showing off their abs. That's the only reason girls go to comic book movies.

Making Johnny Storm black didn't help either.

SJW don't spend money on things they claim they want. Take racist fake geek girl, J. A. Micheline. who whines because the creators of the new Blade comic are white. Yet nowhere in her racist screed does she mention Blade's recent appearance in Wolverines this past April, which she would have enjoyed because that issue had some surprise out-of-character misandry in it:

Because X-23 has always been a pacifist
She also doesn't mention that Fant4stic has a black Johnny Storm or that Nova is now a black mom. Or Captain America & the Mighty Avengers. Or Deathlok get the idea.

This girl also complained about Strange Fruit & the hip hop covers on ManginaAlliance. Can she be more racist? I doubt it. Like most SJW she would rather censor things than have the market decide: “This comic never should have been made,” she wrote.

It's almost like she's some fake geek girl who doesn't read comics but only complains about them. But I'm sure I'm wrong. I'm sure she has a complete collection of Icon & Shadow Cabinet.

Friday, August 7, 2015


Ant-Man is patriarchy approved. (both the pre-Secret Wars comic & the movie).

Movie Scott Lang is in jail because he was a whistle blower/do-gooder. He's a loving divorced father so his harpy ex-wife, who is living in a big house with her new cop-husband, still tries to bleed Scott for money she doesn't need by using his daughter as a bargaining chip. Hank Pym is also a loving father & protects his own daughter, Hope Pym, by putting Scott in danger instead of her. Scott says as a result: "I'm disposable" but because Scott is also a father, he understands why Hank is protecting his daughter. The movie has Men doing what's necessary to save the day.
Go see it.
don't get married!
Comic book Scott Lang is a loving divorced father so his harpy ex-wife still tries to bleed Scott for money by using his daughter as a bargaining chip. She moves to Florida without warning but he also moves to Florida, to be there for his daughter. The comic is also pretty funny.

Go buy it.

The lesson to be learned from both versions of Ant-man (& all the links) is: