Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Because feminists hate men and want them to die they can't resist writing articles telling people to forget movember & men's health.

Movember is about men's health: physical & mental. You don't just grow a mustache, you raise money for men's health.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Nice = Evil

Did you know that Nice guys are actually devious criminals from some silent film twisting their mustaches trying to get girls into bed by...…being nice to them.

This is BS that women like to spread because they can’t admit that they like bad boys. So they accuse nice guys of pretending to be nice to get sex. There are no guys pretending to be nice. That’s a lie. Some men were raised to treat everyone with respect, as equals, to be sensitive, to be a gentleman or in other words a nice guy. Nice guys aren’t trying to have sex; they are trying to have relationships. They believed it when women told them to “just be yourself,” they believed women who said “I believe in being friends first.”
These James Bond villains with their elaborate plans to be nice is a fallacy created by female bloggers to avoid admitting that they love bad boys. They can’t admit that they like the excitement of a bad boy that they can tame. Because then they would have to admit that they have passed up on what they claim they want. They would have to admit that they made the choice to be used by bad boys. That they love drama. It’s embarrassing for them to admit & it’s easier for women to just blame men again. “Oh those bad boys treat me so poorly” and “oh those nice guys aren’t really nice.” It’s just another way to avoid accountability for their decisions. It’s only when they are in their late 30s that they grow tired of the drama & try to find a nice guy. The thing they kept saying they wanted but kept disparaging.

I think a lot of women’s (especially feminists) hatred of “nice guys” is their rationalization for the disconnect between their stated preference for kind, unselfish, considerate, and sensitive men and their actual sexual disdain for those men.
So instead of thinking: “I like nice guys. Joe’s really nice, but I don’t like him ‘like that’… hmm.. maybe I don’t find nice guys all that attractive after all?”

They think: “I like nice guys. Joe’s really nice, but I don’t like him ‘like that’… but I like nice guys! So Joe must be a “fake” nice guy! That’s it! Because if he were REALLY nice then I’d like him, because I like nice guys! …” etc.

And later on, when she meets an asshole alpha who turns her on, but is also selfish, rude, inconsiderate, insensitive and boorish, she will defend him by telling her friends: “Oh, he’s really a nice guy, really, he is. You just don’t know him like I do.

Nice guys are like lepers. Men & women find them disgusting. Young men need to realize this. I hope every young teen & young adult male read all the nasty comments about nice guys from women when that hateful “nice guys of okcupid” blog went viral & realized that they’ve been lied to. That they aren’t appreciated or wanted. I hope they will stop being nice.
"The idea of doing something good and expecting something good in return is not wrong. In fact, it is built into every single religion and therefore, into every single behavioral pattern."
"One can't help but notice that guys do pretty anything they think would work to get laid – but the thing that's consistently vilified is always "being nice". You know, the thing that normal, healthy relationships are built on." But don't believe me, read it in their own words.

When a nice guy says “why do these stupid girls want to date bad boys instead of a nice guy like me?!” it’s not because he was secretly a jerk the whole time; it’s because he’s finally woken up & realizes that he’s been lied to. He’s not nice anymore. He’s opened his eyes. Take the red pill & open your eyes: