Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mangina Sites

Avoiding websites meant for girls isn't enough. You also need to avoid websites written by Manginas.

These morons think that if they can blame men for everything enough & hate themselves enough, then girls will like them. They are obviously super-inexperienced when it comes to girls or they would realize how unattractive they are to girls.

How to deal with these mangina sites? Don't use adblock, instead block the site itself using these instructions. By not giving these sites the advertising dollars generated by clicks of outrage we can vote with our wallets & instead give that ad money to legitimate websites that don't hate men.

Here is my list of websites filled with manginas that you should avoid. Here is an even longer list of sites you should boycott.

io9 sucks
It's run by fake geek girls who hate genre stuff. Most of the posts on there are about what's wrong with genre stuff & they disquise it by asking readers how to "fix" some story or property.

io9 also sucks because they really try to cultivate the whole white knight culture they have going on there. The commenters try to one up each other trying to be noticed by the girls who "write" there. Sometimes they even post blatantly anti-male junk that they copied over from jizzebel.

gamma squad sucks
The are another mangina site like. They link all the time to themary stupid & whine about muhsuhjuhnee.

the good men project sucks
This website tricks you into thinking that you've found a website where you can discuss men's issues & be vulnerable because there are a lot of articles about that. But it's published by a girl, most of the commenters are girls & every day there is a new article blaming you for raping girls. It's also filled with bad advice that will destroy your relationship/marriage. No matter how much of a mangina you become, it's never enough for the feminists. It's probably why the founder got fed up & left the site.

Now it's overrun with man-hating feminists trying to convert you into being a subservient mangina. There are a few good articles on there but the constant barrage of anti-male posts & the unapologetic censorship that takes place in the comments makes it a site to avoid.

dr. nerdlove sucks
I've linked to comments on his site, but not his articles. This mangina gives awful advice blaming geeks for everything wrong with their love life.

the huffington post sucks
People share it's anti-male articles all the time. They even have a section just for blaming men for everything. I don't click on their articles anymore even when it's not gender-related because everything has that slant there.

salon sucks
This site is filled with feminist nonsense like this advice that unironically encourages & confirms alpha fux, beta bux. I thought it was satire but it turned out to be serious.

slate sucks
I've never read this site because other men pointed out how bad it is.

the atlantic sucks
I've never read this site either because other men have pointed out how bad it is since 2008!

cracked sucks
They only have 1 good article. The rest is crap like this: “the-5-most-ridiculously-sexist-superhero-costumes” & then when the "writer" was criticized by the readers he responded with this. But if it couldn't be more obvious that cracked is run by white knights, they published an “article” by zoe quinn when she wasn't getting any more attention (because gamergate had moved on & was ignoring her).

the daily dot sucks
They have their own resident fat feminist who I've written about before. She is a 2nd rate lindy west, who is so desperate for controversy that she published a piece of fiction from a girl hoping to be the next adria richards. She is constantly saying nonsense things about media. The daily dot even had an interview with the girl who runs the good mangina project where she repeats what other feminists say about feminist men. That they need to shut up about feminism.

comics alliance sucks
This is the worst comic book related website out there. Not only do they publish janelle aselin's weekly whine about hiring more girls in comics, they publish SJW crap on a regular basis, most of it by their resident white knight andrew wheeler, take a look at this fat loser hoping to ingratiate himself to girls in the hopes that they'll sleep with him like other white knights. Here are some examples of the crap they post there:
Fear As A Way Of Life: Why Women In Comics Don't 'Just Report' Sexual Harassment
How Misogyny in Gamer Culture Hurts All of Us

'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For' Red Band Trailer Promises Girls, Girls, Girls, Inevitably
Where Are Superhero Comics' Big Name Bisexual Characters?
Girl Fight: The Marvel/DC Rivalry Finally Extends To Winning The Female Audience

But like most SJW they have no problem with double standards though.
Best Abs Ever (This Week): An Appreciation Of Male Comic Book Eye Candy
Why Big Superhero Muscles Aren't The Same Thing as Sexy Curves

gothamist sucks
This is a NYC news blog but a male feminist has taken over the comments section & this ridiculous looking white knight is now a moderator. (As I’ve said before, take a look at this guy. They all look the same. ) They now post feminist "articles" instead of news.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Female Stupidity is Toxic

I started reading women's websites because it's good to learn about how they think in their own words. Red Pill sites can tell you about women but if you don't believe it, just read multiple women confirm it themselves. It was also easy to read those girl sites because they weren't blocked at work (surprise surprise) and they had new content every day (because girls can never seem to shut up).

Typical girl
But if you read them too much you will get depressed at how awful girls really are. How ignorant they are. How slutty they are. It can cloud the way you think about girls & make you angry at all of them.

So I stopped. It was making me too angry. I deleted all the bookmarks. I resisted the urge to see what the online morons thought about a particular issue. I focused on websites that I enjoyed and more manosphere sites. Reading intelligent comments from men, made me less angry & more wise.

The only problem is when I log onto facebook & read nonsense from my female friends. Sometimes I point out how wrong they are so that their male friends will take the Red Pill and I unfollow the ones who are just too retarded that they can't even count to potato.