Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Another "geek girl" whining.

A guy flirted with her, hit on her & she didn't say anything at the time. But of course, she whines about it on the internet afterwards, what a surprise.
I'm a baby who can't speak for myself
You were not born yesterday, this is not the first time some guy hit on you, stop pretending like it is. Stop being "shocked" that a man hit on you. Are you also "shocked" that the sun rises each morning?!

Look, you want to be treated like equals? Then act like an equal. Stand up for yourself. Your comic & your book are about sex, if you can't talk about sex like an adult, then stop writing about it. Are you uncomfortable with public speaking? Don't do panels. Do you have to do panels? Take a class in public speaking. Do you have trouble speaking up for yourself? Take an assertiveness class. Are you afraid of all the scary men? Take a self-defense course.

Just stop waiting for some white knight to rescue you like you are a damsel in distress & stop writing stupid blog articles whining about how a man was mean to you when you let it happen. "I hate myself for acting like everything was fine, for not standing up for myself, for letting him disrespect me in front of all those people." You should hate yourself.

Grow up & be an adult. GTFU or STFU.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Because feminists hate men and want them to die they can't resist writing articles telling people to forget movember & men's health.

Movember is about men's health: physical & mental. You don't just grow a mustache, you raise money for men's health.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Nice = Evil

Did you know that Nice guys are actually devious criminals from some silent film twisting their mustaches trying to get girls into bed by...…being nice to them.

This is BS that women like to spread because they can’t admit that they like bad boys. So they accuse nice guys of pretending to be nice to get sex. There are no guys pretending to be nice. That’s a lie. Some men were raised to treat everyone with respect, as equals, to be sensitive, to be a gentleman or in other words a nice guy. Nice guys aren’t trying to have sex; they are trying to have relationships. They believed it when women told them to “just be yourself,” they believed women who said “I believe in being friends first.”
These James Bond villains with their elaborate plans to be nice is a fallacy created by female bloggers to avoid admitting that they love bad boys. They can’t admit that they like the excitement of a bad boy that they can tame. Because then they would have to admit that they have passed up on what they claim they want. They would have to admit that they made the choice to be used by bad boys. That they love drama. It’s embarrassing for them to admit & it’s easier for women to just blame men again. “Oh those bad boys treat me so poorly” and “oh those nice guys aren’t really nice.” It’s just another way to avoid accountability for their decisions. It’s only when they are in their late 30s that they grow tired of the drama & try to find a nice guy. The thing they kept saying they wanted but kept disparaging.

I think a lot of women’s (especially feminists) hatred of “nice guys” is their rationalization for the disconnect between their stated preference for kind, unselfish, considerate, and sensitive men and their actual sexual disdain for those men.
So instead of thinking: “I like nice guys. Joe’s really nice, but I don’t like him ‘like that’… hmm.. maybe I don’t find nice guys all that attractive after all?”

They think: “I like nice guys. Joe’s really nice, but I don’t like him ‘like that’… but I like nice guys! So Joe must be a “fake” nice guy! That’s it! Because if he were REALLY nice then I’d like him, because I like nice guys! …” etc.

And later on, when she meets an asshole alpha who turns her on, but is also selfish, rude, inconsiderate, insensitive and boorish, she will defend him by telling her friends: “Oh, he’s really a nice guy, really, he is. You just don’t know him like I do.

Nice guys are like lepers. Men & women find them disgusting. Young men need to realize this. I hope every young teen & young adult male read all the nasty comments about nice guys from women when that hateful “nice guys of okcupid” blog went viral & realized that they’ve been lied to. That they aren’t appreciated or wanted. I hope they will stop being nice.
"The idea of doing something good and expecting something good in return is not wrong. In fact, it is built into every single religion and therefore, into every single behavioral pattern."
"One can't help but notice that guys do pretty anything they think would work to get laid – but the thing that's consistently vilified is always "being nice". You know, the thing that normal, healthy relationships are built on." But don't believe me, read it in their own words.

When a nice guy says “why do these stupid girls want to date bad boys instead of a nice guy like me?!” it’s not because he was secretly a jerk the whole time; it’s because he’s finally woken up & realizes that he’s been lied to. He’s not nice anymore. He’s opened his eyes. Take the red pill & open your eyes:
http://heartiste.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/niceguys-lose-again/ http://exposingfeminism.wordpress.com/2008/01/23/what-happened-to-all-the-nice-guys/ http://www.the-niceguy.com/

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

feminists hate gay men too

How the hell does this boring generic ad show up on a feminist news website. Do they hate men so much that not even gay men are safe from their hatred? The answer is obviously yes.

These man-hating feminists hate men so much that they troll the gay missed connections on craigslist so that they can cyber-bully a man who is looking for another man.

But I guess I shouldn't be surprised, look at how fat this woman is, of course she's a man-hating feminist.

If she weren't vegan that pigeon would be lunch.

Feminists would rather make fun of a gay man instead of helping this girl find a man:

Wonder Woman Seeks Guy in Lime Green T-Shirt (NYCC Oct 11th) - w4m - 27 (Midtown West)

"We met at ComicCon Friday, on line for the Jim Henson panel around 8:15. I was dressed as Wonder Woman with my friend who was dressed as Super Girl. You had a lime-green t-shirt (possibly green lantern) and light jeans on. I tripped into you and you were sweet to me. You told us you didn't dress up because you wouldn't have compared to us. I wish we had a chance to speak more, I hope you read this :)"

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Twitter Boys

Feminists are complaining that there aren't any women on Twitter's board & they want one on the board.
"And why stop at a woman? I don’t see an African American or Latinos on Twitter’s board. Why aren’t we outraged by that?"
Good point. Guess who wrote that. a woman! because even women are fed up with feminists.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Short Marriage

Married only 1 week & this murderous bride shoves her husband Cody Lee Johnson, off a cliff. it's basically pre-meditated if that text is real. what did he see in her? she's not pretty. & why would she say yes if she was just going to murder him soon after.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Troll of Duty

so this gamer girl complains that guys are mean to her but...

surprise, surprise, she also complains when nice guys want to be her friend.

in other words she's just another feminist troll blaming men for anything they do.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

3 Little Numbers

They can protest, make signs, blog, tweet & post things on the internet but they can't dial 911? Are these girls the stupidest people on earth??

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tour de Babies

"We seek not to race against the men, but to have our own professional field..."

Women like to say they are equal but they can't compete against men so they want their own race.

Well, be a real feminist & organize & pay for your own race if you can't compete in the one that already exists.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


I don't play video games so I had no idea this IRL troll has been trolling gamers for awhile now. I like how she buries the valid arguments like this one

at the bottom (#25 & after) below the offensive insults.

(Why does this "feminist" need everyone's help in the first place. She's not some sort of damsel in distress is she? No, no way. Never. (Seriously who needs money to make youtube videos? Most of that stuff is done for free.)

She's kind of cute for an annoying troll.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

put the fork down

Once again women are engaging in this public humiliation crap. (It's fat girls posting pictures of the men who call them fat.) If you can put the fork down long enough to pick up a camera you can put the fork down long enough to lose weight fatso.

If they want to see who is calling them fat they shoud just replace the tumblr with this picture.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nigella Lawson

wtf, nobody stepped in? her scumbag husband abuses her in public & nobody stopped him? i probably wouldn't get involved in a domestic dispute either but, it was nigella lawson! you better believe i'd be her IRL white knight.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cheating Regret

"He then proceeded to strip down to nothing, as I stood there hesitant and shy. “Come on,” he said, “those clothes aren’t going to remove themselves.” I realized then that there wasn’t enough Jameson in the world to make me stand there stark naked with this man I had known for less than 30 minutes, but did it anyway."
even though she thinks getting naked is a form of cheating she does it. the article is called "date rape" not "aquaintance rape" because this was a date with a cool artist & this flimsy lie is what she told her boyfriend when the sex she had while cheating on her boyfriend was not as good as she thought it would be.

"he kissed my cheek and asked me how it felt. I want to cry. 'Are we almost done?' I asked."
even in her own ridiculous words the guy asks before they have sex & the word "no" is not uttered. She can say no to men who wear white socks but not this guy? Click on her name & read her other articles & tell me she is the demure wide-eyed girl who is too shy to say a one syllable word. I'm sure she said it to every nice guy she ever friendzoned but not the smooth artist she cheated on her boyfriend with.

"Just as I was about to tell him that I had a boyfriend, he inserted his penis inside me and started to thrust."
Another Freudian slip where she says "inserted" not "forced" because as we all know, women are always wet, all the time and it's just - so - damn - easy - to get a penis inside a standing woman.

I can't believe there are people out there so gullible that they would believe this string of lies.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I am the Patriarchy

My girlfriend sent me an invitation to an event that was hosted by some woman who "is passionate, confrontational and bold. Whether attacking the patriarchy..." and that is where I stopped reading and said to my girlfriend "I am the patriarchy" and clicked decline.