Monday, October 27, 2014

Stick Figure Internet White Knights

There's always some mangina who thinks that if he attacks other men, girls will find him attractive. These men are totally clueless because that's not how it works offline. Pandering to girls as a mangina is a good way to get attention online these days & the easiest way to do it is with a poorly drawn web comic.
The most well-known poorly drawn web comic is xkcd. I used to like xkcd because it was filled with nerdy science jokes but recently he has been churning out more of these mangina comics so he can get more attention. Randall Munroe is already married so he has no problem making these mangina comics but all the girls & other manginas then re-post his comics everywhere. I've mentioned him before where I linked to his tv appearance where he was mocked for being boring.

#322 sucks
When you look at internet white knights you will see that they are the actual sexists. Here is his fantasy where he confronts the internet "misogynist" but even though there is a girl there, the man has to rescue her & then he even orders her around.

#1325 sucks
The irony of this one is that a science comic asks men to ignore their observations, the empirical evidence right in front of them. The only good part of this terrible mangina comic is that it should push more men to abandon those "friendships" with girls who take advantage of them.

#513 sucks
This one is a complete lie made up by people who have never been in the friendzone. Men don't suggest this. Men don't put themselves in the friendzone, this simply does not happen. it's a stupid strategy that no man willingly employs. This is the lie that girls & manginas keep spreading on the internet.

What happens is that girls say "I really like you let's just be friends" after she says "I believe in being friends first." Girls then proceed to take advantage of him & get all their non-sexual needs met from him but he does not get his relationship needs met. The "friendship" is always, always, one-sided. The girl never does anything for the man stuck in the friendzone. It's also not a real friendship as men in the friendzone would never do those things for their male friends & a female friend would also never do those things.

The pathetic part is when he writes "in a moment of weakness" a girl will choose the man who was there for her & the man she could depend on? the implication that a strong girl will choose the guys who treat her like garbage. He wrote this to pander to all those girls who take advantage of nice guys & refuse to admit it.

#1027 sucks
According to him being a "nice guy" is bad but so is being a PUA, (you know, the jerk that the girl should keep dating in the previous comic). For a White Knight every man is bad, except him of course!

Other manginas have figured out that they can get in on the action by making a comic about the friendzone like this one. It has the usual girl/mangina friendzone argument: if he were a "true" nice guy he would remain a doormat & allow himself to be exploited. It's filled with such over-the-top misogyny that it can't be taken seriously.

For girls & manginas, when the man wakes up & realizes he was taken advantage of & expresses his anger, somehow it retro-actively changes him from a nice guy to an a-hole. When a religious person decides that they are an atheist, that doesn't negate their previous religious beliefs. They were not an atheist the entire time & just pretending to be religious.

But that's how girls justify taking advantage of clueless men. & that's how manginas with no artistic talent try to make themselves seem better than other men.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The manginas at comics alliance are whining again about a product that you can easily NOT BUY. DC t-shirts at Walmart. You don't like them? Don't buy them! Vote with your wallet. But it's so much easier to complain & create another fake scandal.

Feminists & white knights would rather engage in censorship, so they complained to DC who apologized for something DC didn't even do.

Those are licensed t-shirts. They aren't made by DC or sold on DC direct. It's like those fake geek girls don't know anything about comics.
these t-shirts just triggered you