Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Another "geek girl" whining.

A guy flirted with her, hit on her & she didn't say anything at the time. But of course, she whines about it on the internet afterwards, what a surprise.
I'm a baby who can't speak for myself
You were not born yesterday, this is not the first time some guy hit on you, stop pretending like it is. Stop being "shocked" that a man hit on you. Are you also "shocked" that the sun rises each morning?!

Look, you want to be treated like equals? Then act like an equal. Stand up for yourself. Your comic & your book are about sex, if you can't talk about sex like an adult, then stop writing about it. Are you uncomfortable with public speaking? Don't do panels. Do you have to do panels? Take a class in public speaking. Do you have trouble speaking up for yourself? Take an assertiveness class. Are you afraid of all the scary men? Take a self-defense course.

Just stop waiting for some white knight to rescue you like you are a damsel in distress & stop writing stupid blog articles whining about how a man was mean to you when you let it happen. "I hate myself for acting like everything was fine, for not standing up for myself, for letting him disrespect me in front of all those people." You should hate yourself.

Grow up & be an adult. GTFU or STFU.