Saturday, March 21, 2015

All-New X-Factor

The main reason peter david's All-New X-Factor sucks is because peter david is a social justice warrior. He has super-powered mutants slapping the most evil of comic book super-villains: the cis-het-male.
Georgia slaps her father! How this short girl can reach that high doesn't matter, just that a man is slapped. We all know teen girls don't yell at their fathers, they slap their fathers.
Then Georgia slaps Cypher; at his suggestion! Hey, you feel bad? Why don't you slap me? It's such a stupid contrived scene that exists only because sjw love to see violence against cis-het-men. Yay, a 15yr old POC girl is going around slapping everyone with a penis.

It wasn't easy to "rescue" her thanks to Internalized misogyny of course, but thankfully peter david doesn't call it that, he just alludes to it. She was rescued by the white knight male feminist, because "she doesn't know what she wants." Thank goodness the White Knight knows what's best for her. (The only realistic part is that he isn't rewarded with sex.)

This isn't an Anti-Cypher book though; Gambit gets to enjoy some cis-het-male slapping. Gambit decides to kiss Polaris, then he gets slapped. Bizarrely, he says "don't ever apologize for slapping a man." It's so clearly a forced PSA that it doesn't even make sense.
This stupid comic wants girls to go around slapping those cis-het-men for being helpful, raising you, or being romantic.

Slapping anyone with a penis isn't enough; marriage also needs to be slapped. Most SJW are starting to push open marriages in order to get more alpha fucks beta bucks. So we get some of that too. The CEO of Serval Industries, Harrison Snow, barely reacts when he finds out that his wife has cuckolded him with Gambit (because this is a preachy SJW comic & SJW believe girls can do no wrong). This little storyline is of course quickly dropped & never mentioned again because the only point was to say hey nerds, even though you are married, girls can cuckold you & you just have to deal. If you feel betrayed you are just being childish. That way girls can get that alpha sex & the cuckolded beta husband can pay for everything.

The SJW nonsense doesn't end there, we also get to hear about that stupid "band" pussy riot, because that's somehow important to the story (spoiler alert: it isn't).
I don't know who he thought was reading this comic. It certainly wasn't a bunch of girls swooning over a perpetual yellow tinted gambit.

The funny part is that he didn't realize that he advocated that people stop buying his SJW comic. Here he is telling readers not to support artists they don't agree with: vote with your wallet. That is exactly what happened. All the customers, the people who spend money on comics, (not the twitter idiots who only complain), stopped buying this insulting SJW crap.

That's why this crappy book was cancelled after issue 20.

This book wasn't cancelled because people were "trade waiting." Like The Movement, this type of terrible SJW/feminist pandering does not sell comic books; it just makes customers stop buying it. Customers do not want to be insulted or blamed for things they are not responsible for. Nobody was waiting for a trade of this yellow hued SJW garbage. But that's what bad creators blame when their garbage doesn't sell.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Girl-Thor! She's punching dudes in the face if they disagree with her ideology!

That's why she is "worthy" to wield Mjolnir & Thor Odinson is not. Violence is totally the "worthy" response to someone who insults your belief system!

There are so many reasons why the issue #5 of female Thor sucks.
  1. The Absorbing Man makes comments that he would never say, he's fought plenty of superheroes & does not care about these things.
  2. The blatant insulting of Thor fans who had valid concerns.
  3. Thorilina cares more about the mean comments about feminism than the robbery that took place.
  4. Titania takes out her own husband because beating up a man is more important than beating up the heroine who is going to imprison you.
  5. Feminist Thorita doesn't care about domestic violence that takes place right in front of her.
  6. Titania gives girl-Thor a "girl-power pass" & doesn't fight her because Thorina's a girl. (Even though she regularly fights She-Hulk.)
"I don’t write any sort of story with any sort of agenda," Aaron told "It’s not a good way to tell a story. Well, he got one thing right: It's terrible writing that will drive readers away from the new Thorminist. Girls don't read comics as much as fake geek girls like to proclaim. This girl Thor will be cancelled just like The Movement.

Why isn't Boy-Thor still Thor? Well, Boy-Thor found out he wasn't "worthy" during Original Sin after The Watcher was murdered. A bunch of secrets were revealed when Uatu's eye exploded and then the heroes found out that Nick Fury killed The Watcher. They went to the moon to apprehend Nick Fury. He couldn't fight Thor so he whispered something in Thor's ear that made Thor "unworthy" to wield the hammer.

It wasn't revealed to us what was said but now I know what he whispered: