Friday, August 29, 2014


I know time travel is not real because if it were, I would have travelled back & told myself to get serious with "fashion girl" or I would have told myself to not get serious with "Illyria" but here I am, so obvously I didn't. After reaching out to 2 young men this month who could benefit from my advice, I realized that maybe I would not even have listened to myself if I had traveled back in time, just like young Joe in Looper.

Young Joe is a stubborn young man who refuses to even listen to his older self from the future. It was him, from the future, but he wouldn't even listen. Young Joe was so sure of himself and his black & white morality, that he refused to kill a young boy who turned into a violent crimelord that killed hundreds including the woman whom young Joe was going to fall in love with, the woman old Joe already fell in love with. This wasn't Minority Report where pre-cogs guess about likely possible futures or Time Cop with only 1 timeline. Looper has an alterable paradox-filled timestream like Frequency (which I highly recommend). Old Joe told him this but young Joe refused to listen. Young Joe was as self-righteous as he was wrong. Young Joe had barely lived, he didn't have any experience. He should have listened instead of putting his fingers in his ears & white knighting for some girl he barely knew. He killed himself making old Joe vanish & more importantly never getting to marry the love of his life. (no spoiler alert cause Looper sucks) And like most white knights, he did not get the girl he white knighted for.

The 1st man I reached out to (a young me) at least published my comment so maybe he's thinking about it. The 2nd man didn't publish my comment so he's more like young Joe. Maybe he didn't publish it because he thinks I'm a misogynist. He probably thinks all Red Pill men are misogynists. So how do I convince both of them (& my younger self), that they should listen to me & take The Red Pill?

Let me start by admitting that yes, I say misogynistic things but I am not a misogynist. I don't hate girls, those comments are not hatred. It's venting & it's complaining about things I care about. For example: do you know what else I like? Action figures. I buy some every month & I'm a member of 2 different action figure message boards. But not a day goes by that I don't complain about them. I vent on those message boards with other people who like action figures. I don't hate action figures.

Do you know what I hate? Sports: football, baseball, basketball. I don't write about them & I don't spend countless hours trying to learn more about sports. I hate sports. If I hated women I wouldn't write about them at all or try to understand them or give them what they want.

So yes, Red Pill sites are filled with angry misogynistic comments. But you have to understand that those comments are men venting & complaining about things that they care about. If you remember that, then maybe you can avoid becoming one of those angry men in the future. Those men were once like you. Nice guys who did what everyone told them to do. They then reached a point where they realized that they were lied to. Nobody likes to be lied to & when you realize you were lied to, you get mad.

Those 2 young men really should read those sites keeping that in mind. Take the Red Pill & unplug because if you don't, you will end up like this 45 year old fat mangina who wants to wallow in self-pity so much that he blogs about the fact that he can't whine about being miserable. He didn't approve my comment so here it is:
"At 45 you are just now realizing this? Real life is not like the movies. While it is too late for you to be a father, it is not too late to find someone. But you can't just sit & whine or you will become one of those bitter mras. You have to change who you are. & you can protest & say "I shouldn't have to change" but dr. Phil will reply "how is that working out for you?" So stop complaining & become the person you want to be."

Old Joe is here from the future & he's asking you to listen. Stop being a male feminist. Stop being a White Knight. Stop being a Nice Guy.

{This is the first in a series of posts with advice for young men}

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The idiot nerd girls at the mary sue have started a controvery aboout the new variant cover to Spider-Woman. Not the regular cover, but the variant! The variant that is produced in less quantities. They complain about this limited variant cover of a fictional character but I don't see any of these so-called feminists complaining to Nicki Minaj about her new video where she does the exact same pose. I wish one of them would call Nicki Minaj a muhsuhjuhnist in person.

Limited quantity drawing of non-existent fictional character: muhsuhjohnee!
Real person doing the exact same thing: grrl power!

Sounds like a double standard but I'm sure it's not because feminists are hypocrites who just want to ruin everything that men create. Despite all the pandering that Marvel has done, even a limited cover is too much for them.

The evidence that they are fake geek girls is that they obviously know nothing about the artist & what he's known for. But every week they cry muhsuhjohnee about something & like I said before, sooner or later, geek men will start to get fed up with this feminist nonsense. Some already are:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Movement

Deadpool: The Gauntlet #13 about Deadpool, Blade & the ghost of Benjamin Franklin fighting vampires had the word patriarchy in it. Just having to read this 1 word in my comic book ruins the experience. I don't know if this was a joke at the expense of feminists because she fails & ends up being rescued by Deadpool but obvious social commentary like this brings you out of the story. This is supposed to be entertainment, not some dumb girl's tumblr.

But it doesn't end there because She-Hulk has this ridiculous panel in it. As if the artwork weren't terrible enough it has this stupid line in it. The only good thing about it, is that it shows you can't use this stupid phrase in a conversation without sounding moronic.

So while I'll keep buying Deadpool because he saved the damsel in distress, I will not be reading anymore She-feminist. I'm sure She-feminist will now become huge like The Movement.

The Movement is that comic book that all the feminist geek girls couldn't stop talking about. The team that they were all cosplaying as. It's a comic with lesbians & gays & minorites & anti-religious stories. It's everything a social justice warrior could want in a comic book. It was even written by their favorite female writer. It was a huge success.

Oh wait, it was cancelled. Despite the constant clamoring online of feminists & fake geek girls, they did not buy the comic that they all claim they wanted.

"Hmm, that’s weird. I would have thought political correctness, class warfare and gender politics would have been a better sell."

(What a surprise, girls not wanting what they claim they want. Where have I experienced that before?) I'm sure it was an awesome comic: nope, nobody liked it.

As usual money talks. This is a business & despite what they would have you believe, they do not actually buy comic books. They just click "like" & blog about things they don't like. They just want to destroy comics because anything that is for men must be ruined by these "activists" so that we can't have anything for ourselves.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Be Handsome

The only difference between a girl accusing you of harassing her & a girl accusing you of flirting with her is how good-looking you are.

Don't believe me? Watch the video below. This guy wearing a cheap store-bought costume interviews a bunch of hot cosplay girls. Pay attention & you will see this man make sexual jokes & touch the girls.

But none of them have complained about being harassed. None of them blogged about what a horrible misogynist he is. Can you guess why?

Because he's a good-looking man. That's the only reason why.

As if that isn't bad enough any convention with an "anti-harassment policy" makes it even easier for fake geek girls to ruin your con-going experience if you aren't handsome enough.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Orphan Black S02

I love Orphan Black. Tatiana Maslany is amazing. She deserves an emmy. She deserves 3 of them, really.

But this 2nd season they have gone overboard with the "grrl power" this past season. It's annoying & really distracts from the show. It's such pandering nonsense for the benefit of fake geek girl feminists who watch this show. I'm talking about stuff that is so obviously forced, that it pulls you out of the story.

In S02E01 (Nature Under Constraint and Vexed) written by Graeme Manson (Male): Sarah asks a boy on a bus "hey, can I borrow your phone?" & he says "can I touch your boob?" so she smacks him & steals his phone. This boy asked for a ridiculously high price to use his phone as a way of saying "no" but instead of getting the hint, she stole his phone & assaulted him. To show us that "boys will be boys" should be stopped even with violence.

In S02E06 (To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings) written by Chris Roberts (Male): Helena is at a bar & when a guy politely invites her to drink with him she physically assaults him! For no reason other than he's fat. She breaks his finger & when he tries to fight back a white knight steps in to save her. The mangina who wrote this episode doesn't even realize what an obvious form of benevolent sexism this scene is because Helena does not need a man to come to her rescue. But this one accidentally just proves the 3 rules of sexual harassment.

In S02E08 (Variable and Full of Pertubation), written by Karen Walton (female): Cosima is somehow a better player at "Rune Wars" then these 4 men. Even though she's never shown any interest in anything even tangentially related. The whole scene was written to show us geeks that girls are better than us at our own things. But her dismissive attitude towards Scott, the man who is helping to keep her from dying, shows how these fake geek girls who invade our past times truly feel about us. They have nothing but disdain for us. This is what White Knights need to realize.

In S02E09 (Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done) written by Alex Levine (Male): Allison, the tiny little suburban housewife, is somehow better with a jackhammer than her husband Donny. But that's not all, in the same episode there is a scene where Scott, the man who is trying to save Cosima's life, is excited that he was able to recover data from an old 5.25" floppy on an ancient PC & how does she thank him? By calling the man a "virgin" when he succeeds. Way to insult your viewers. & it just reinforces what most geek men know, that so-called geek girls look down on us.

Suspension of disbelief can have me overlook plot-holes like: multiple clones living in the same city & an organization that is evil enough to kill but not evil enough to just abduct their clone property; or how everyone knows where Felix lives but his apt isn't under surveillance by the bad guys or retconning both Donny & Project Castor, or a genetically engineered clones who is trans, etc. But suspension of disbelief can not help me overlook the man-hating crap that they are starting to put in the show. & i'm not refering to the nonsense that this idiot wrote about because it's a show about clones, the non-clone characters aren't supposed to be the focus.

Especially considering that it's basically a show about infertile girls who want to have babies.

If they don't tone down the man-hating insults then I may have to stop watching. I watch tv shows to be entertained, not to be insulted.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Some comic books are drawn a certain way. If you don't like the way those comics are drawn don't buy those comics, go buy other comics. It really is that simple. Nobody is forcing you to buy comics you don't like.

When feminists invade they try to change the way things are. That's why they are "fake" geek girls because if they were geek girls then they would like comics the way comics already are, not the way they think comics ought to be.

Some of these fake geek girls made a tumblr (no surprise) ridiculing comic book art. This is what non-geeks do: they make fun of comics & comic art. That's what these fake geek girls are doing. If you don't like the way those comics are drawn, don't buy those comics, go buy other comics. But they don't like comics, they just want to ruin comic books. They also lie & pretend that it is representative of current comics even though they are using his old art work. But the truth never stopped a fake geek girl from creating a good woozle.

Randy Queen, who had his art attacked by these fake geek girls, is fighting back. That is the only way to keep these fake geek girls from destroying our comics. Thank you Randy Queen!

Of course what do these "strong" "independent" feminists do when a man stands up to them? Do they take his advice: "I encourage you to spend your time, energy, and courage on creating your own comics, and then make the necessary personal sacrifices to bring them to the world."? of course not! They whine & cry about it. Unfortunately the internet white knights have delivered by writing
a slew of posts hoping the tumblr girls will sleep with them.

They could make their own comics & post it to Tumblr. If they wanted it in print, they could run a Kickstarter. They could donate their comics to Free Comic Book Day so it could get into people's hands. They could let the market decide. But it's easier for fake geek girls to just whine & destroy what already exists.

I hope Randy Queen & the other artists sue. Now I will go buy some Darkchylde comics. Thanks fake geek girls for letting me know who I should give my money to!


He apologized to the fake geek girls. He explained that he was going through some personal problems & over-reacted. I don't think he over-reacted. The fact that they were cyber-bullying a real human being won't register with them but that's not surprising. She posted the story to twitter just so all the internet white knights could harass him. These girls know how to play the damsel in distress.

That stupid tumblr is mostly nasty comments that are certainly not "art critiques" & from people who don't read comics. There are tons of submissions from girls who have no idea what characters they are submitting.

eschergirls sucks & just proves that the girls complaining about comics are not comic book readers just more fake geek girls.