Thursday, November 19, 2015


Because the social justice warriors won't be happy until they ruin every comic book, Iceman is now gay. How many SJW comics have been cancelled now? The Movement, She-hulk & All New X-Factor. For a while present day Earth-616 Iceman was straight, it was only alternate timeline young Iceman who was gay, because as I've explained before, this generates headlines & publicity for their movies.

I had hoped that this idiocy would be dropped after Secret Wars ended but no. Instead of returning the teenage x-men to their timeline, they decided to keep going with this stupid stunt & idiot brian michael bendis, made it canon in his last issue, even as he acknowledged all the idiotic things he's done on the x-men. He ret-conned away all of Iceman's girlfriends & the fact that no other telepath found this out, including the evil ones, is never addressed.

The only good part of this nonsense is that SJW are never satisfied. Now that Iceman is gay, (ignoring all of the females he has been involved with) other SJW have accused the writers of
"bi-erasure" which, as I just learned today, is "the tendency to ignore, remove, falsify, or re-explain evidence of bisexuality" which is interesting because SJW joss whedon is guilty of this when he turned willow into a lesbian & did that exact same thing.

This leads to nonsense like an article called "8 Comic-Book Characters Who Need To Come Out As Bisexual Already" no, I'm not linking to it, it's SJW stupidity.

There is a reason they didn't just make a Northstar monthly comic, because despite how these stupid mangina sites love to report on these stunts. The social justice warriors do not buy comics. and it's easier to just alter or destroy an already established superhero.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Green Arrow 38

Green Arrow Vol 5 #38 sucks
Written by: Ben Sokolowski, Andrew Kreisberg
Don't buy this issue
Don't financially support this kind of garbage.
Money Talks, BS walks.