Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mean Girls of Cosplay

showing off her crochet skills
Cosplay is slowly being ruined by girls who want to show off their sewing skills. Even McCalls, the company that makes sewing patterns, agrees. This is why there are so many mashups of popular characters. They are just showing off their sewing skills rather than dressing up as their favorite character.

And now they have turned it into the new high school with the mean girls drama that inevitably occurs when attractive girls get togther. Here are two girls whining about the mean girls drama that they themselves created by excluding male geeks.

As if it's not bad enough that they think they can re-write well established photography rules. They now think they can make their mean girls nastyness into ettiquette rules. Completely missing the point of dressing up, which is to make friends with people who like the same character you do, they are telling geeks not to be friendly. Here is what one fake geek girl wrote

"I’d like to reiterate, if I may, a few points from my panel that I believe are crucial to know when interacting with someone you admire: At conventions, DO NOT BECOME A HOVER FAN. Ask for a photo, say a compliment, maybe exchange a few lines of dialogue, and move on. DO NOT interject yourself into a person’s conversations that they are having with other people or follow a person around."

Understand geek? These girls want nothing to do with you. The mean girls from high school who hated geeks are now dressing up in cosplay to make money off desperate geeks. They think they are celebrities & demand to be treated that way.

This one is even charging money to take a photo with her just like the actors.


They don't want to talk about comics or anything else with us. They just want you to shut up & buy their prints.

And don't complain after you send 3 emails for something you paid for, or she will use the DARVO technique & unleash her white knights on you.

They also want you to send them free things.

#PenPals because she will never be attracted to the desperate geeks who send her free stuff.

Men dressing up in costumes, this thing that men have been doing for years & been ridiculed for, has just been noticed by some of these mean girls. Because to them, male geeks are invisible.

It's best to avoid these fake geek girls. If you try to talk to them to much, then you are "Gate-keeping" or being "creepy" or "harassing" them or whatever random accusation they can think of & they will get you kicked out.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


I thought Secret Wars was going to do away with all of the SJW pandering that Marvel has been doing lately. I was wrong.

The Incredible Hulk is now the Totally Pandering Hulk & he's Asian.

It's another dumb move to pander to the SJW websites that will report on it & turn it into "news." These character changes are nothing more than advertisements for Marvel movies. They don't care that these stunts lead to a decrease in comic book sales as long as it results in an increase in movie ticket & dvd sales. Or in the case of the Fantastic Four, they cancelled the book to decrease movie ticket sales, but that turned out to be unnecessary. They don't even care about the storyline where Doc Green went around curing all the other Gamma irradiated people, so a new Hulk is dumb on every level.

Making The Hulk Asian is easier than making Sunfire or Jubilee more important characters. Despite how she's been shoved down everyone's throat, nobody cares about Silk except fake geek girls. She just isn't as popular as they pretend she is.

Personally I wish they hade made S.P.E.A.R. & The Ascendants a more important part of the Marvel universe, if they wanted more Asians. They could have been given their own book duing Secret Wars but Marvel knows that it generates more headlines & free advertising for their movies to change an existing character into a minority.

I think The Ascendants look pretty cool:

Clockwise: Devastator (iron man guy), Monkey King (Shang-Chi guy), Vector (Shatterstar guy), Falcon (is not part of the team), Weather Witch (storm girl), Saber (captain marvel girl).

Now we have Asian Hulk, muslim Ms. Marvel, feminist Thor, black Captain America, at this rate it's only a matter of time before they make Deadpool into a Mexican & Wolverine into a Native American.