Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Some male geeks & male nerds have written a few things about what it's like to be a man & a geek/nerd. Whenever that happens the man-hating feminists always respond with man-hating rants about how we are all really just entitled muhsujuhnists.

This week it was Scott Aaronson who wrote an honest confession to Amy in comment 171. while he was civil, she responded with so much offensive vitriol that he had to edit her comments & unfortunately made her seem more reasonable than she really is.

"Amy #555: I apologize, but I removed parts of your comment that I thought were gratuitously mean."

A loser I have mentioned before, lashed out at Aaronson because barry deutsch refuses to accept that he has wasted his life as a male feminist. Then another Scott wrote a fact-based response that ended up being lost on feminists. The feminists wrote all sorts of stupid posts, trying to win the oppression olympics. (It's too bad those 2 Scotts still consider themselves feminists.)

"We want your hobby to change to appease us"
This seems to be happening a lot lately. I read a post on Toy Soldiers & even though I hate giving advertising dollars to the good mangina project I left a comment there because I was so angry about girls bringing their "high-school" - "mean girls" drama to geek culture.

My comment ended up being published on Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology. Check it out to see why I hate the good mangina project so much.

So I'm going to re-print my related comment on Toy Soldiers :

Toy Soldiers wrote: "Geeks did not create a space where they could be unacceptable; they created a space where they would be accepted. They usually have little problem with “outsiders” coming into that space, as long as the “outsiders” respect it. However, many of the “outsiders” do not respect the space. These people only want to control it. They often demonstrate this by harassing and mocking the community, which is ironically the reason the community exists."

I wrote:
This is true.

I was at a con last month & some guys saw some kids dressed as members of the Survey Corps & were wondering who they were in a mocking tone. I explained & told them they should watch that anime cause it was good. But they were those non-geek outsiders invading my space & were not really interested in talking to the man dressed as an action figure. I don't even know why they were there.
I could have typed what that anonymous guy that Noah screencapped wrote. We were kicked out of society & we just want to be left the hell alone. If girls behaved like, as most feminists like to claim, human beings, everything would be fine, instead they come in & destroy everything instead of actually trying to join the group. That guy's comparison to joining other organizations was spot-on, but because it involves girls, he's suddenly a misogynist. You don't move in with someone & immediately start re-decorating.