Monday, October 26, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead

They really tried hard to make the "star" of Fear the Walking Beta different from Rick.

Travis is a brown, anti-gun, beta bucks, boyfriend to his post-wall single mom. Travis is a single dad & when the zombie apocalypse starts he tries to make sure his son is safe but his harpy ex-wife starts talking about visitation instead of helping to make sure the son is safe.

You would think he learned his lesson, being divorced but this loser is living with a post-wall mother of 2. Her kids do not respect him (& 1 of them is a Heroin addict). The post-wall mom doesn't respect him either. Single moms don't respect any beta who settles for her. They know deep down only a loser would settle for a single mom & raise another man's kids.

He's also a naive pacifist who doesn't want to use a gun to take out a zombie even when surrounded by testosterone-filled male soldiers questioning his manhood. Even though they start to encourage him, this pathetic beta chokes & gives back the gun.

Both of the girls in his life think he is a fragile mangina. When his ex-wife is infected she asks the single mom to shoot her, because "it would destroy him" if he had to do it. This is a few episodes after the single mom asked the ex-wife to shoot her if she ever got infected. They both are trying to protect Travis the mangina because they know he is pathetic.

I'll keep watching but it is hard to watch this loser. Hopefully he will toughen up or die as the series goes on.