Thursday, June 19, 2014

Superhero Pinups

Another Mangina trying to look good for the feminists, created "If Male Superheroes Were Treated Equally by Pin-up Artists" and as you expect it's incredibly stupid.

Pin-up girls are drawn in feminine poses because it appeals to men. This crappy sex reversal only reverses the sexes not the appeal. If you really want to treat it equally then you have to reverse the poses as well. You have to use poses that appeal to women like the covers of all those romance novels.

But mangina stephen byrne, kept the same feminine poses, so of course it looks ridiculous. Congratulations dude, you accomplished nothing, except making it clear you know nothing about women or what they find attractive. Your drawing will not help you get laid.

This is why I'm so glad that DC is releasing a ton of actual pinup covers this June. It has made all the feminists freak out (which is why the mangina drew his drawing) & means I will be spending a lot of money.

Feminist kelly thompson makes no mention that the covers are based on the statues that have been previously released when she whines that there isn't a male pinup cover. Even though the statues are mentioned all over the internet but that's what feminists do, omit & distort facts. More likely she is a fake geek girl who didn't even know about the statues & that's why she didn't mention them in her whine.

Despite the the manginas & the feminists at that site, most comic book customers are for it.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Chubbby Chasers

I’m not a chubbby-chaser but I have been accused of being one by some girls because they don't realize that somewhere in between fat & skinny there is normal and curvy & there are some men who prefer that. They think that because they are not skinny that I must be a chubby chaser. I like an hourglass shape & D-cups, however I don't like fat girls.

But the accusation makes me ask:
What is so wrong with those men who actually think fat girls are hot?

Girls say they want to be accepted for who they are but when one of those men show up & shows interest, they reject him as though there is something wrong with him for finding her attractive. But there isn't. If that's what he finds attractive there is nothing wrong with him, there is something wrong with her.

The problem is fat girls know that to most men, they are gross & unattractive. So they rationalize that any man who finds them attractive must be some kind of loser. In their mind only a loser would settle for a fat girl. Which is too bad because some men do prefer fat girls. If a man thinks you are attractive, it’s self-sabotaging to judge him as being weird. It’s no different from men who prefer redheads or men who prefer tattoo girls or leg-men or breast men, etc. Those are the things they find attractive. Real men go for whatever the fuck they like: skinny, curvy or fat.

The other thing fat girls do to blame men is to claim that men "fetishizes" them. Who knows what that even means. Does that mean that men who like big racks are "fetishizing" chests? Should that movie be renamed "Gentlemen fetishize blondes"? A fat girl who says that deserves to be alone. Like this one. She thinks that if you are sexually attracted to her you're a disgusting fetishizing chubby chaser, but if you don't find her attractive then you're a disgusting misogynist who only values women for their bodies. She doesn't realize that she's alone solely because of her personality not her body.

Here is another moron.
Instead of taking advantage of the men who actually find her attractive, she deludes herself into thinking that the chubby chaser who talks to her in a book store is doing so because he likes the books she reads. But this dummy doesn't realize that the book store chubby chaser is just good at hiding the fact that he's a chubby chaser. It's more "Fat Logic" at work.

He is probably the guy she rejected on online & he figured out where to meet her.
I'm sure this morbidly obese girl isn't a hypocrite who is so superficial or shallow as to have some kind of physical requirement in the man she wants to meet. "The thought of meeting a single, tall, brainy, emotionally available type who likes Scrabble, reading, travel, going to the gym and eating dessert.." Oh, a tall man, she must "fetishize" tall men. "How gross!"

These hypocrites deserve to be alone.

For some lolz here's someone turning the tables on another fat girl who doesn't like short men & a fake chubby chaser blog.