Friday, February 14, 2014

Fake Geek Girl

You know those women who call themselves geeks & pretend to like sci-fi/fantasy just so that they can get attention that they otherwise wouldn't get. They don't exist, oh, except for this one:

"I, Amy McCarthy, am an affront to geek girls everywhere. Maybe a disgrace. Either way, I feel like it’s finally time that I come out and say it: I really hate all of the science-fiction and fantasy entertainment all my fellow geek girls seem to love so very much."

Why does she even bother to call herself a geek? Because she likes The Hunger Games? I am not a horor movie fan. I like Saw & Hellraiser movies but that does not make me a horor movie fan & I would never call myself that.

You started watching Doctor Who because the doctor is cute? You think Chris Hemsworth is hot in Thor. Awesome, enjoy, but for god's sake don't call yourself a geek. Just because you like a couple of things does not mean it's ok to call yourself a geek. But that doesn't stop this girl, you see, she also likes the Avengers:

"I’ll watch "The Avengers" to see cute boys in tight pants, but I never enjoy the actual movie."

Yup, fake geek girls don't exist.


  1. So being geek now has to do with watching superhero movies? Lol these women will stop at nothing to get attention from anyone.

    A geek to me means a person who is into technology! I apologize but peas never into those things. I had friends who would get down to a game of dungeons and dragons but I was never onto that.
    I thing was building and fixing computers, networking them etc. Again it's just the main stream media making things gender neutral for everyone to use.


    Great post!

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  3. It sounds like you have an issue with fake geeks/posers. Gender had nothing to do with it, unless you're just trying to put women down. Both sides seem to make the mistake of only seeing the world threw the lense of gender.

    1. this post is about confirming the existence of fake geek girls, which many people will tell you don't exist. I said so in the very 1st paragraph.