Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Female Stupidity is Toxic

I started reading women's websites because it's good to learn about how they think in their own words. Red Pill sites can tell you about women but if you don't believe it, just read multiple women confirm it themselves. It was also easy to read those girl sites because they weren't blocked at work (surprise surprise) and they had new content every day (because girls can never seem to shut up).

Typical girl
But if you read them too much you will get depressed at how awful girls really are. How ignorant they are. How slutty they are. It can cloud the way you think about girls & make you angry at all of them.

So I stopped. It was making me too angry. I deleted all the bookmarks. I resisted the urge to see what the online morons thought about a particular issue. I focused on websites that I enjoyed and more manosphere sites. Reading intelligent comments from men, made me less angry & more wise.

The only problem is when I log onto facebook & read nonsense from my female friends. Sometimes I point out how wrong they are so that their male friends will take the Red Pill and I unfollow the ones who are just too retarded that they can't even count to potato.

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  1. I was in your shoes a long time ago! I tried to talk to them to make them realize about the shit they are doing is stupid. So stupid that they will stoop to a new low like getting pregnant so that they have you around.

    I have up talking to them as they have been so conditioned by society to follow idiocies that it is virtually impossible for them to see the light!