Thursday, November 20, 2014

Big Hero 6

My favorite part of the feminist anti-Barbie, Lammily, is that a man made it.

Despite years & years of complaining about Barbie.
Despite hundreds of "strong independent womyn" complaining about Barbie.

It was a man who made the alternative. It was a man who took action because feminist womyn can only whine about things online. I wonder how long until a feminist tells him to check his privilege for telling girls what their body should look like.

Feminists love whining about Barbie because they can't buy female action figures with realistic bodies.

Or action figures based on real living women.
Because apparently those don't exist.
Feminists: erasing the existence & accomplishments of real women since Tumblr become popular.

I'm afraid he's going to lose the money that he kickstarted. Girls aren't going to want her.

It will fail because this isn't the first time someone has tried to sell an anti-Barbie. Almost 15 years ago a doll that was a better role model than the new tattooed hipster doll failed in the marketplace. Despite all the hard work that went into it, it was was bought by men to customize (check the comment section here).

Girls would rather have barbie dolls that are monsters instead of feminist propaganda

A real toy company turned feminist Go-Go Tomago from the movie Big Hero 6 (she says nonsense like "woman up" to the young man who improves everyone else's inventions, including hers.) into a fashion doll - like Barbie!!

Even though there is an action figure of Go-Go, toy companies know which version girls will want: the Barbie-sized 11" fashion doll, not some average looking doll with pimples & scars like Lammily.

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