Friday, August 29, 2014


I know time travel is not real because if it were, I would have travelled back & told myself to get serious with "fashion girl" or I would have told myself to not get serious with "Illyria" but here I am, so obvously I didn't. After reaching out to 2 young men this month who could benefit from my advice, I realized that maybe I would not even have listened to myself if I had traveled back in time, just like young Joe in Looper.

Young Joe is a stubborn young man who refuses to even listen to his older self from the future. It was him, from the future, but he wouldn't even listen. Young Joe was so sure of himself and his black & white morality, that he refused to kill a young boy who turned into a violent crimelord that killed hundreds including the woman whom young Joe was going to fall in love with, the woman old Joe already fell in love with. This wasn't Minority Report where pre-cogs guess about likely possible futures or Time Cop with only 1 timeline. Looper has an alterable paradox-filled timestream like Frequency (which I highly recommend). Old Joe told him this but young Joe refused to listen. Young Joe was as self-righteous as he was wrong. Young Joe had barely lived, he didn't have any experience. He should have listened instead of putting his fingers in his ears & white knighting for some girl he barely knew. He killed himself making old Joe vanish & more importantly never getting to marry the love of his life. (no spoiler alert cause Looper sucks) And like most white knights, he did not get the girl he white knighted for.

The 1st man I reached out to (a young me) at least published my comment so maybe he's thinking about it. The 2nd man didn't publish my comment so he's more like young Joe. Maybe he didn't publish it because he thinks I'm a misogynist. He probably thinks all Red Pill men are misogynists. So how do I convince both of them (& my younger self), that they should listen to me & take The Red Pill?

Let me start by admitting that yes, I say misogynistic things but I am not a misogynist. I don't hate girls, those comments are not hatred. It's venting & it's complaining about things I care about. For example: do you know what else I like? Action figures. I buy some every month & I'm a member of 2 different action figure message boards. But not a day goes by that I don't complain about them. I vent on those message boards with other people who like action figures. I don't hate action figures.

Do you know what I hate? Sports: football, baseball, basketball. I don't write about them & I don't spend countless hours trying to learn more about sports. I hate sports. If I hated women I wouldn't write about them at all or try to understand them or give them what they want.

So yes, Red Pill sites are filled with angry misogynistic comments. But you have to understand that those comments are men venting & complaining about things that they care about. If you remember that, then maybe you can avoid becoming one of those angry men in the future. Those men were once like you. Nice guys who did what everyone told them to do. They then reached a point where they realized that they were lied to. Nobody likes to be lied to & when you realize you were lied to, you get mad.

Those 2 young men really should read those sites keeping that in mind. Take the Red Pill & unplug because if you don't, you will end up like this 45 year old fat mangina who wants to wallow in self-pity so much that he blogs about the fact that he can't whine about being miserable. He didn't approve my comment so here it is:
"At 45 you are just now realizing this? Real life is not like the movies. While it is too late for you to be a father, it is not too late to find someone. But you can't just sit & whine or you will become one of those bitter mras. You have to change who you are. & you can protest & say "I shouldn't have to change" but dr. Phil will reply "how is that working out for you?" So stop complaining & become the person you want to be."

Old Joe is here from the future & he's asking you to listen. Stop being a male feminist. Stop being a White Knight. Stop being a Nice Guy.

{This is the first in a series of posts with advice for young men}


  1. let him fuck himself up: that's what will make him the you of the future

    1. yup, he will end up like me if he doesn't change his ways.