Wednesday, May 27, 2015


That's not the newest She-Hulk series, that's the cover to the old muhsujuhnee She-Hulk.

The new She-Hulk comic is perfectly constructed to appeal to girls.

  • She-Hulk has a fat paralegal working for her.
  • She-Hulk is a better lawyer than Matt Murdock, (obviously).
  • She-Hulk even fights Titania (unlike She-Thor).
  • She-Hulk is drawn in a simple, tumblr-friendly, web-comic style →

The new She-Hulk makes sure that those cis-het white males check their privilege.

The feminists & SJWs must be buying this comic in droves!

Nope, it was cancelled.

Despite giving feminists & SJWs everything they ask for in a comic, they didn't buy it.

Girls are not 50% of comic buyers.

But they were quick to express their outrage when David Goyer had something to say about her. The usual mangina sites all wrote something: the daily dot, comics alliance, the mary stupid, gamma squad, etc. What's ironic is that Goyer used their language (male power fantasy) to point out how she's a "ms. male" character but they can't let an opportunity to be outraged go by, especially when it's an "ally" that they can bully. (I'm more offended that Goyer assumes I'm a virgin cause I know who The Martian Manhunter is, especially because Manhunter was on Smallville for multiple seasons.)

Did they show their support for the She-Hulk comic by buying it after that "controversy"?

No, (that's why it was cancelled) but they did blog "open letters" & tweet about She-Hulk.

Fake geek girls, SJW & feminists do not buy comics. They just whine about it on twitter & tumblr.

Money talks, BS walks.
men buy comics

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  1. Ice man in the Xmen is now gay.

    Marvel is going full SJW now.