Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wonder Girl

I'm not even going to go into how offensive janelle asselin's "critique" is to artist Kenneth Rocafort. I'm not going to go into it because Brett Booth did, & he was accused of being sexist by the internet white knights.

His complaints were valid. Anyone who has ever taught or who has been a manager, knows that when you offer criticism you first start with positive aspects then you go into the negative but she didn't. She attacked with lines like "The cover to the new "Teen Titans" #1, released earlier this week, is not just a terrible comics cover,..."

Brett Booth's tweets were about how she wasn't writing an art critique but just attacking the cover. He was right, she was attacking the cover. She used that cover to go on a rant about how girls are drawn in comics but the internet white knights had to put a misandrist spin on it & accused Brett Booth of being a mysoginst. What's funny is that at first they recognized it for what it was, a "hit piece" it's right there in the URL.
The only reason she thinks it's terrible is because she's a feminist with a declining career. She went from working at DC to writing "hire this girl" articles for a website. She has a feminist agenda & pushes it everywhere she goes, to the detriment of her own career. She could have stayed at DC & made comics that don't offend her feminist ideals, instead she just whines about it online. janelle asselin is just another hypocrite feminist posting pictures of shirtless men. I mean, she complained about the notebook paper because being such a comic book art "expert" she somehow missed the school bus & didn't realize it's about kids who attend school.

Her fake geek girl rant is also yet another instance of a girl using Facebook "likes" to project that girls "might" buy a comic in the future, which in fact does not prove who is actually purchasing this comic. It only proves who clicked "like" on Facebook. Nothing more. It's more woozle effect. Those people who clicked like on a tv show Facebook page are not going to buy the comic. Facebook likes do not equal purchases. This is a business after all. Money talks. There was a Teen Titans comic book based on the cartoons. It was cancelled.

"This is not a cover you run if you're trying to appeal to teenagers, and it's especially not going to appeal to teen girls."
DC is not trying to appeal to teen girls. why is it necessary to say "duh" to this feminist? Are not enough people saying it to her? I'm so sick of hearing about "potential readership" & "potential customers." Those people don't exist. Girls aren't going to start reading comics because Wonder Girl wears a b-cup. That's nonsense.

"YA is selling like crazy right now."
but Teen Titans isn't YA (Young Adult) novels. YA are novels, without pictures, that girls are buying, not comic books. So again, duh! Girls don't buy comics. They click "like" on Facebook & buy YA novels. They are not potential customers of this comic book.

But janelle asselin is not an art critic. She's a feminist & she freaked out over this cover for that reason alone. It's a pretty standard cover. It is nowhere near terrible. In fact Wonder Girl has been drawn that way before & even her new action figure looks like the cover., if you don't like comics don't buy them. Nobody is forcing you to buy comics. Vote with your wallet, buy your "grrl power" comics, either the market will adapt or it won't. But if you write some obviously feminist article about how an entire industry should change just to suit you & imaginary customers, don't be surprised when the current customers become upset.
The customers on Twitter got very angry, which is what happens when yet another annoying feminist starts trying to destroy our comics. Then she blogged about how people were being mean to her, on Tumblr, of course. The only good part of her Tumblr-whine is where she accidentally provides evidence of what we knew all along: these fake geek girls view geeks with contempt & disgust. She lets it slip here:
"And so as soon as the angry fanboys started looking me up after the CBR article,.."

Oh, those angry fanboys? Those fanboys, such losers those fanboys, amirite? Not Titans fans, not Booth fans, comic fans, not geeks but fanboys. You know, the derogatory term for comic book readers. I'm sure she didn't write that to make more guys mad her & keep trolling. But that wasn't enough, she had to keep trolling & posted on that cesspool website that all the fake geek girls post on when they want to whine into an echo chamber. It riles up the feminists who know nothing about comics to invade comic spaces.

"the problem is that too many other men think that they are in a crowd of like-minded men who are super sick of this feminazi bullshit."
Except that we are super sick of this feminazi bullshit. We just use our money to express ourselves while vocal internet white knights try to win your favor in the comments. But make no mistake, the backlash these fake geek girls are experiencing is real & it's only going to get worse. But you can't stop a feminist troll from kicking the hornet's nest so she decided to write yet another Tumblr post in order to push her feminist agenda by saying all comic geeks are rapists.

"You can choose to not rape women and instead to treat us as equals."
Of course, to her, every man is a rapist: "I also assume that there are other men I’ve met who are rapists."

And somehow she thinks men aren't going to get sick of this? Even an internet white knight should get sick of this.


  1. Righteous indignation is a potent cocktail of brain drugs and folks like that are heavily addicted to the high they give. Disgusting behavior.

    1. yup, & like a drug she keeps at it to the detriment of her career. it's almost sad, if these SJW weren't doing so much danage.