Friday, June 6, 2014

Chubbby Chasers

I’m not a chubbby-chaser but I have been accused of being one by some girls because they don't realize that somewhere in between fat & skinny there is normal and curvy & there are some men who prefer that. They think that because they are not skinny that I must be a chubby chaser. I like an hourglass shape & D-cups, however I don't like fat girls.

But the accusation makes me ask:
What is so wrong with those men who actually think fat girls are hot?

Girls say they want to be accepted for who they are but when one of those men show up & shows interest, they reject him as though there is something wrong with him for finding her attractive. But there isn't. If that's what he finds attractive there is nothing wrong with him, there is something wrong with her.

The problem is fat girls know that to most men, they are gross & unattractive. So they rationalize that any man who finds them attractive must be some kind of loser. In their mind only a loser would settle for a fat girl. Which is too bad because some men do prefer fat girls. If a man thinks you are attractive, it’s self-sabotaging to judge him as being weird. It’s no different from men who prefer redheads or men who prefer tattoo girls or leg-men or breast men, etc. Those are the things they find attractive. Real men go for whatever the fuck they like: skinny, curvy or fat.

The other thing fat girls do to blame men is to claim that men "fetishizes" them. Who knows what that even means. Does that mean that men who like big racks are "fetishizing" chests? Should that movie be renamed "Gentlemen fetishize blondes"? A fat girl who says that deserves to be alone. Like this one. She thinks that if you are sexually attracted to her you're a disgusting fetishizing chubby chaser, but if you don't find her attractive then you're a disgusting misogynist who only values women for their bodies. She doesn't realize that she's alone solely because of her personality not her body.

Here is another moron.
Instead of taking advantage of the men who actually find her attractive, she deludes herself into thinking that the chubby chaser who talks to her in a book store is doing so because he likes the books she reads. But this dummy doesn't realize that the book store chubby chaser is just good at hiding the fact that he's a chubby chaser. It's more "Fat Logic" at work.

He is probably the guy she rejected on online & he figured out where to meet her.
I'm sure this morbidly obese girl isn't a hypocrite who is so superficial or shallow as to have some kind of physical requirement in the man she wants to meet. "The thought of meeting a single, tall, brainy, emotionally available type who likes Scrabble, reading, travel, going to the gym and eating dessert.." Oh, a tall man, she must "fetishize" tall men. "How gross!"

These hypocrites deserve to be alone.

For some lolz here's someone turning the tables on another fat girl who doesn't like short men & a fake chubby chaser blog.


  1. I have to disagree somewhat. The majority of men who date/sleep with/knock up fatties are losers. Men who have no confidence, are lazy, don't believe they do any better with a woman of higher value. There are a few men who legitimately find fat women to be sexually attractive but they are extremely rare. Most men who are with a fat women, if you dig into it, are with with them due to above factors or things like trapped because of children/marriage.

    So in a sense, women are right that most men who look at fat chicks are losers. Its the idea behind the stereotype of black men going for fat white chicks. Both are respective losers in their own right (fat white women are losers compared to thing white women, the majority of white men don't go for them, and black guys are desperate and have low impulse control in general so will gladly take pussy from anywhere and rationalize it).

    So, it does no good for the majority of men to even give fat women the time of day. It lowers your own self respect and it lowers your own status in their and others eyes.

    1. no, you are wrong.

      You don't have to believe me, look at any porn site. there all have a category for fat girls, because there are so many men who are turned on by them, that it is profitable. porn sites make money from it. they don't have fat girl porn because they are nice, they have it because there is a demand. those men are not rare. there are enough of them spending real cash to support magazines & movies.

      it's porn, you watch what you like, not what you settle for. you are making the assumption that everyone is like you but they aren't. & nobody is suggesting to date fat girls if you don't like them. but those guys aren't losers, they are just different from you & me.

    2. I know about the fat porn thing, and I'm not saying this because its my preference. But are you seriously arguing that chubby chasers are the majority or even a significant percentage of men? That's not simply not true. It is a fact that the US has a sickening obesity/overweight rate and that many men are having to learn to settle for fat chicks or go without more than in years past. When Playboy and Maxim start having BBW sections gain popularity you'd be right but as it is now, its still a fetish.

      Simply because there is a demand for something, doesn't mean its not minority.

    3. what i am saying, what my post is about, is that liking something doesn't make you a loser.

      if a man likes fatties or flat-chested girls or preggers doesn't make him a loser. that's what girls try to do, is try to make us think we are losers because we like certain things. & i'm saying when guys do it too, like you, you are not helping. some guy likes fat girls? that doesn't make him a loser, just different than you.

      you should be glad because it means less competition for the girls you do like.

  2. Again, I'm not referring to chubby chasers or guys that actually derive pleasure from seeing fat/obese women. I'm talking about guys that are actually losers - weak-willed, lazy, lack of options, settling that date fat chicks. Many men that date or end up with fat chicks whom would actually prefer a thin woman. There are many men like this.

    Those are the guys that are losers. Men that don't bother to think about their own worth and go for fat women because they see them as easy lays or cannot control their sexual impulses/inability to remain alone to the point they will settle for anything. I have no respect for that, and neither should you.

    Fat women, single mothers, older women, etc. generally are the domain of men that have less options. Its that simple.

    1. then we agree, because my post was about chubby chasers. it wasn't about losers who settle.