Thursday, June 19, 2014

Superhero Pinups

Another Mangina trying to look good for the feminists, created "If Male Superheroes Were Treated Equally by Pin-up Artists" and as you expect it's incredibly stupid.

Pin-up girls are drawn in feminine poses because it appeals to men. This crappy sex reversal only reverses the sexes not the appeal. If you really want to treat it equally then you have to reverse the poses as well. You have to use poses that appeal to women like the covers of all those romance novels.

But mangina stephen byrne, kept the same feminine poses, so of course it looks ridiculous. Congratulations dude, you accomplished nothing, except making it clear you know nothing about women or what they find attractive. Your drawing will not help you get laid.

This is why I'm so glad that DC is releasing a ton of actual pinup covers this June. It has made all the feminists freak out (which is why the mangina drew his drawing) & means I will be spending a lot of money.

Feminist kelly thompson makes no mention that the covers are based on the statues that have been previously released when she whines that there isn't a male pinup cover. Even though the statues are mentioned all over the internet but that's what feminists do, omit & distort facts. More likely she is a fake geek girl who didn't even know about the statues & that's why she didn't mention them in her whine.

Despite the the manginas & the feminists at that site, most comic book customers are for it.

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