Monday, March 2, 2015


Girl-Thor! She's punching dudes in the face if they disagree with her ideology!

That's why she is "worthy" to wield Mjolnir & Thor Odinson is not. Violence is totally the "worthy" response to someone who insults your belief system!

There are so many reasons why the issue #5 of female Thor sucks.
  1. The Absorbing Man makes comments that he would never say, he's fought plenty of superheroes & does not care about these things.
  2. The blatant insulting of Thor fans who had valid concerns.
  3. Thorilina cares more about the mean comments about feminism than the robbery that took place.
  4. Titania takes out her own husband because beating up a man is more important than beating up the heroine who is going to imprison you.
  5. Feminist Thorita doesn't care about domestic violence that takes place right in front of her.
  6. Titania gives girl-Thor a "girl-power pass" & doesn't fight her because Thorina's a girl. (Even though she regularly fights She-Hulk.)
"I don’t write any sort of story with any sort of agenda," Aaron told "It’s not a good way to tell a story. Well, he got one thing right: It's terrible writing that will drive readers away from the new Thorminist. Girls don't read comics as much as fake geek girls like to proclaim. This girl Thor will be cancelled just like The Movement.

Why isn't Boy-Thor still Thor? Well, Boy-Thor found out he wasn't "worthy" during Original Sin after The Watcher was murdered. A bunch of secrets were revealed when Uatu's eye exploded and then the heroes found out that Nick Fury killed The Watcher. They went to the moon to apprehend Nick Fury. He couldn't fight Thor so he whispered something in Thor's ear that made Thor "unworthy" to wield the hammer.

It wasn't revealed to us what was said but now I know what he whispered:


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