Friday, June 26, 2015

Inside Out

Inside Out is patriarchy approved, go watch it

The father from Inside Out was a great father. He had a good job, spent time with his family, enforced the rules, they loved him, the list goes on. But it wouldn't be a modern movie without a dig at the man.

The wife complains about him in his head & she brings up a memory of a Brazillian helicopter pilot, her Chad Thundercock. But all it did was show that his wife was an Alpha Widow.

But the movie ended up showing how dumb all these Alpha Widows are. The school teacher is also an Alpha Widow. Guess who her alpha is? Yup, the same Brazillian helicopter pilot.

The movie ends up telling girls that the alpha was never really theirs to begin with & the joke is actually on them. Girls would be fools to pass up the great man in front of them for an alpha who was just using them. Of course, most girls won't realize this.

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