Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Where is all the praise for Sense8? It's a fake geek girl & sjw wet dream of a sci-fi show. Oh, it's barely being talked about or watched? Of course, because when something is made for
sjw, they don't watch it & they don't buy it. They just want to ruin pre-existing properties.

Swedish dj checks her priviledge
Sens8 is about a cluster of 8 people who live on opposite corners of the globe but they can get in each other's heads, take over each other's bodies & see & talk to each other. The 8 people are of course diverse. There is the Korean business woman, the African van driver, the German criminal, the Indian bride, the Swedish dj, the gay Mexican, the white cop, and the star of the show: the trans-lesbian.

Sense8 sucks, nothing exciting happens until the end of episode 7. During those 7 hours you get to see:
  • the trans-lesbian get banged by her inter-racial girlfriend with a rainbow strap-on.
  • the skinny Korean girl beat up a group of African men. 
  • female prisoners laugh & joke about murdering their husbands.
  • a tumblrina with blue hair call herself "privileged." 
  • the Indian bride swoon & dream about the bad boy criminal, despite her perfect fiance (rich, handsome, tall, romantic, can dance, loves her, etc.)
Don't bother watching this unless you want to watch the trans-lesbian & the "sooo in love" gay Mexican (who cheats on his boyfriend) force the cis-het white males into a gay orgy without their consent. Somehow I couldn't find any outraged articles about that episode, what a surprise. 


  1. Thanks for doing the hard work (watching) so we don't have to.
    I don't watch much TV anymore, the last new series I tried was Masters of Sex, but it was "women-smart, men-dumb&horny" as it gets and I gave up. The boring sex scenes couldn't even keep me watching.

    1. hopefully i can prevent men from wasting their time & money watching some of this junk.

  2. Haven't watched the show but i do remember some article and comments on how few people are watching. Also this is the gayest, sjw-est show ever and if you don't love it 100% the world will be better with you dead. So, business as usual.

    1. the 1st episode was very in-your-face about how sjw it is. i should just kill myself for not liking it.