Monday, March 21, 2016

BS Walks

You buy a comic & you have no idea that you are going to be insulted until some random panel in the middle of the book. Nobody tells you.

But if there is a sexy girl on the cover, you won't stop hearing about it. "My soggy knees! Waahh!"
So that's why I've just been posting the panels under the label social Justice Lords & you can choose not to buy those issues.

The panels will be from comics where they:

1) insult men

2) glorify dykes

3) normalize cuckolding

4) use SJW buzzwords

5) break the 4th wall by directly insulting their customers

There is no need for a petition, a hashtag, an open letter or an organized boycott. Just don't buy it. Not buying things lets corporations know they should stop making those things. Feminists don't buy comics so don't buy these comics.

Sales have been dropping before I even started this series. Maybe it's the terrible art but I think constantly insulting your customers is the real reason sales are dropping.


  1. What book is the GoTG panel from? It doesn't seem to be from Bendis current run.

    1. Just before secret wars. I think after the black vortex crossover. I read it last week from the library and swore at bendis when reading that exact panel.

  2. I'm still catching up on 90s stuff and early 00s, so haven't gotten to the new stuff yet and thankfully so.

  3. Not sure if you're still active, but apparently Marvel has the new Captain America facing off against Red Skull where Red Skull is anti-immigration.
    So people who are anti-immigration are on the same page as Nazi war criminals.
    There's also a movement to give Captain America a boyfriend, pprobably by people who don't even read comics.

    1. yeah, I had to take a break because of the almost constant SJW crap, but luckily captain hydra only lasted 1 issue.