Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The idiot nerd girls at the mary sue have started a controvery aboout the new variant cover to Spider-Woman. Not the regular cover, but the variant! The variant that is produced in less quantities. They complain about this limited variant cover of a fictional character but I don't see any of these so-called feminists complaining to Nicki Minaj about her new video where she does the exact same pose. I wish one of them would call Nicki Minaj a muhsuhjuhnist in person.

Limited quantity drawing of non-existent fictional character: muhsuhjohnee!
Real person doing the exact same thing: grrl power!

Sounds like a double standard but I'm sure it's not because feminists are hypocrites who just want to ruin everything that men create. Despite all the pandering that Marvel has done, even a limited cover is too much for them.

The evidence that they are fake geek girls is that they obviously know nothing about the artist & what he's known for. But every week they cry muhsuhjohnee about something & like I said before, sooner or later, geek men will start to get fed up with this feminist nonsense. Some already are:


  1. It's oppression of 2D images. Can't allow that, right? /sarc

    1. yeah, poor jessica is just a victim, donchaknow.