Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vicki Vale

Another fake geek girl complaining about girl characters in comics. Except this time, no matter how "empowered," "strong" or "capable" the character is, it's not enough.

Somehow Batman does what an entire police department can't but this feminist moron thinks Batman should get help from Vicki Vale in the movie.

Juliet Kahn doesn't understand that it's "Batman & Robin" not "Batman & Vicki." Nobody cares about Vicki Vale. We just want to see Batman, we don't want anyone to help Batman, not even Robin or Alfred.

Could this feminist be more stupid? Could it be more obvious that she doesn't understand Batman or comics in general?

As always the solution is simple: you don't like it? Don't read/watch it!


  1. Hey man, been clicking through your blog. Tons of great stuff. Do you have a twitter I can follow?

    1. thanks! i don't tweet. the rss feed should work though.

  2. Batman getting help from Vikki? Ugh, no. I rather see Superman getting help from Lana Lang, at least in the comics she was Insect Queen for a while and had proven herself capable of keeping Clark's identity a secret.