Thursday, December 18, 2014


I'm a failure.

I admit it this because I don't want anyone else to end up like me. 

It wasn't easy to realize that I had failed at life. In order to know if you are a success or failure you need to have a goal in life & work towards it. I'm a failure because my goal in life was to be a husband & father. Basically I wanted to be the dad on Medium.

dad & family at breakfast
Medium was a show about a "psychic soccer mom" where the father & the family were as important as she was. On the show the father woke up early & had breakfast with his wife & kids. sometimes he drove them to school or picked them up. They loved & respected him. Obviously it wasn't all rainbows & puppies. The husband & wife argued. The kids were loud, messy & argued. He was unemployed for awhile, etc. but those things are all part of being a husband & father. That's life, it's hard; That's what I wanted & now it's too late.

I'm writing about this so that young men don't end up like me. Don't make the same mistakes that I made & you won't end up 42, never married & childless.

What did I do wrong?

Because I was raised to be a nice guy & a gentleman, whenever I would meet a girl who I had a lot in common with, (a girl who I could see a future with, in other words a girl who was "right" for me), I would treat her with respect. That turned out to be the worse possible thing. These, what I call "1st choice girls" would just friendzone me.

While I was in the friendzone, stupidly trying to prove my worth to them, I settled for banging what I call "2nd choice girls." I didn't really care about "2nd choice girls" & I put no effort into being with them. That turned out to be the way I should have treated my "1st choice girls" because not only did the "2nd choice girls" fall for me, I couldn't get rid of them. These "2nd choice girls" are the ones I ended up having relationships with.

It didn't make any sense to me at the time. The "1st Choice Girls" didn't see me the same way that the 2nd Choice Girls saw me. What was I doing wrong? Why did these 2nd choice girls put up with the way I treated them? It was the opposite of what I'd been told to do by movies & tv shows & girls themselves!

If I knew then to treat 1st choice girls as if they were 2nd choice girls I might have married one of my 1st choice girls & become a father. Instead I ruined my chances of teaching my son to ride a bike & taking my daughter to American Girl place by being a nice guy.

Don't make the same mistakes I made or you will end up like me. Click on those links & read!


  1. I think you, and the author of the piece you linked about balancing getting ass with being an ass, are confusing the sexes. From what you wrote, you seem to think there was something you could have done to get a 1st choice woman. Chances are, you had no chance with them anyway.

    A man can have sex with a woman he finds horribly unattractive. She could be covered in warts and if the opportunity arose, a guy would stick it in and try not to touch her skin.

    Women know if they would ever fuck you the minute they meet you. You weren't friend zoned because those women found you too passive or nice, they just didn't find you sexually appealing.

    Your problem was that you had 1st and 2nd choice girls instead of treating them all as worthy. You're alone because you were too busy trying to impress women that found you sexually unappealing instead of caring about the others.

    1. I already explained why they found me sexually unappealing, it was because of how I behaved. I made myself unappealing to those girls because i was too passive & nice. you are wrong that i had no chance with them, you are implying that i'm some unappealing ugly loser, but the truth is that girls are not attracted to you solely on appearance. even an attractive man can make himself sexually unappealing by behaving the wrong way.

      not all girls are worthy of being a wife. 2nd choice girls are the ones you settle for, & they are plentiful. it may be hard to believe but i'm not alone.