Monday, December 8, 2014

Sewing Conventions

Heroes of Sewing
Conventions have changed, these are not the observations of an old man who "doesn't get it," Denise Dorman also noticed the way the focus has changed & she ended up being threatened by white knights!

Cosplay used to be a way to meet other fans of that character, but now it has become a way for girls to sell pictures of themselves to desperate losers & for others to show off their sewing skills.

You can no longer talk to any female cosplayers because they will assume you are being creepy or trying to test them on their knowledge. The white knights tried to impress the fake geek girls & insulted Pat Broderick on twitter & wrote him "open letters," when he wrote the same things about how conventions are changing. Many conventions have basically becoming sewing conventions.

This means that people are going to comic book conventions to show off their sewing skills & some sell pictures of themselves. This attracts an audience of people who go to take pictures of the cosplayers & buy photo prints. This results in a decrease of people who go to buy comic book art & related items. When someone spends money on a photo, they also have less money to spend on Comics. That's just basic Zero Sum economics. Some artists are losing money when they go to conventions because of this change in focus.

Because a man wrote the same thing that Denise did, the man-hating morons at the mary stupid noticed his comment and because they are fake geek girls, they write with disdain, contempt & lack of respect for any male comic book artist they disagree with. They pretend to love comics but when comic book artist Pat Broderick complained about the new focus on cosplayers at comic book conventions, they wrote this headline: 'Another Comic Book Artist Can’t Stand Change, Competition; Writes Whiny Post About Cosplayers - "I left the industry for twenty years and now I'm irrelevant! Grr, blame the women!"'
As usual the fake geek girls at the mary stupid weigh in on something that is not related to girls, but their sexism shows as sam maggs assumes all cosplayers are female. Not all cosplayers are female, most of them are men. But these myopic idiots ignore the men just like this girl cosplayer did:
Really? Men have been doing this before you were born
The idiot at the mary stupid wrote "I’m not sure who determined that there would be an artistic hierarchy, and that creating art on paper would trump creating three-dimensional wearable art" because she's too stupid to realize that a comic book convention by definition places the comic book artists at the top of the hierarchy. Nobody would be dressing up as anything if a comic book artist had not drawn those characters & if a comic book writer had not written those characters.

Once the mary stupid attacks a man, the others join in on the bullying; like Gail Simone who thinks it's funny to bully a fellow comics artist, not realizing that if no one pays attention to her she will be out of a job. Her last book was cancelled because she sucks & she was fired from Batgirl, which is probably why she's trying to ruin Red Sonja.

Someone even went to the trouble of trying to defend being a fake geek cosplayer. Because a lot of female cosplayers don't care about anything except showing off their sewing skills & trying to sell prints despite not knowing anything about comics.

Fake Geek Girls looking to cosplay for attention


  1. It is becoming more and more apparent that Gail Simone is a completely unprofessional cuntbag.

    1. ha ha, right! she just gets worse & worse, as a writer & as a person.