Monday, July 20, 2015

Mr. Robot

I am done watching this show. Despite being a well-written & interesting show with great direction & visuals, mr. robot sucks.

The reason I’m done is that the main character, Elliot, is a white knight drug-addict hacker with "social anxiety" in the friendzone. He's like most Tumblr SJW manginas who think that they shouldn't have to grow up & work. They think that they "deserve" things instead of working for them. They are spoiled children who whine about the real world & the hard work that is necessary in order to function & earn what you want. They think that these things should just come to them like "the secret" because they "deserve it."

Mr. Robot: My dad was a petty thief. Never could hold down a job. So, he just robbed, convenience stores, shops, small-time stuff. One time, he sat me down; he told me something I never forgot. He said, "Everyone steals. That's how it works. You think people out there are getting exactly what they deserve? No. They're getting paid over or under, but someone in the chain always gets bamboozled. I steal, son, but I don't get caught. That's my contract with society. Now if you can catch me stealing, I'll go to jail. But if you can't, then I've earned the money." I respected that, man. I thought that shit was cool as a little kid. A few years after that, they finally caught him. Sent him to jail. Dies five years later. My respect goes with him. I thought he was free doing what he did, but he wasn't. He was in prison. Just like you are now, Elliot. But I'm gonna break you out.

But he doesn't "break Elliot out" because he subscribes to the same childish worldview of his petty criminal dad. Mr. Robot is also a white knight, like the ones who joined anonymous because they learned how to use low orbit ion cannons. Mr. Robot thinks that erasing people's debt is going to make the world a better place (Elliot's huge student loan probably has nothing to do with him joining Mr. Robot). They plan to do this by blowing up a pipeline that will also destroy a nearby building that stores all the debt hard copies. The safety of the hourly workers at the building is just an after-thought. Being a responsible adult & paying back your debt is "so lame" to people like Elliot. He doesn't do what's necessary to fix his life. He just blames everyone else for his problems & escapes with drugs.

with his drug-dealer girlfriend, post-bang
The show manages to illustrate something I've blogged about before when it comes to the Friendzone. Elliot has no real feelings for his drug-dealer girl and consequently doesn't care about her feelings. So she seduces him. He has real feelings for his co-worker & cares about her feelings. So she Friendzones him. To his co-worker he is the autistic omega, but to the drug-dealer girl, he is an aloof alpha. His co-worker doesn't see him the same way the drug-dealer does. This is the same problem I had. It all comes down to the way he behaves with each girl because his co-worker isn't even pretty. If a girl loses attraction to you because of how you behave around her, you will be friendzoned. The best example of this irl is how Jimmy Fallon blew his chances with Nicole Kidman due to his behavior.

In the 1st episode Elliot ruins an innocent man's life because he thinks all "corporations are evil." he accomplishes this by using his pc (made by a corporation), flying on a corporate jet (made by a corporation) that's owned by his job (a corporation) for their clients (other corporations). You get the idea, like most SJW manginas, he's a huge hypocrite.

In the 3rd episode we see a ruthless straight VP have gay sex just to get ahead in his career & then have BDSM sex with his wife later that night. In the 4th episode we see Elliot’s drug-dealer girlfriend make out with his co-worker crush. It's a pretty clear message that girls being gay is "harmless fun" but when a man does it, it's evil. Normalize lesbianism but vilify gays for no other reason that male sex is evil.

This stupid show even has the gall to misquote The Matrix to talk about money: "Let me tell you why you're really here. You're here because you sense something wrong with the world. Something you can't explain. But... you know it controls you and everyone you care about." Then he talks about Money & the gold standard because I guess "real" hackers don't use bitcoin?

So if you want to watch some pathetic white knight mangina as he "occupies wall street" with some muslim girl, then this is the show for you (not me).

Even plain girls can friendzone you


  1. My thoughts exactly, nice job. I add to that.
    Female leads are screechy, overacting, obnoxious Valley Girls.
    All leads resort to corny gravelly voice. And worst of all they actually say "save the world". Whenever they say that the realism shoots down to Disney movie level.

    1. yeah, it's annoying. it's a really well-made show about losers so it's getting pretty popular, but I can't watch this white knight fantasy

  2. Pretty much sums a good portion of my thoughts on this show.

    While watching the pilot i thought it had a lot of potential... until the end when it was BAM!!! Full blown fucking white knight!

    Ok ok, maybe it was an error... 2nd episode... 10 minutes in... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk. This guy is a loser.

    Pure trash... and when you see how high rated it got... Yup... confirms the worlds stupidity.