Friday, February 12, 2016


There were some people who rushed to claim that Supergirl was not a feminist tv show. Those people were wrong.

For the 1st few episodes, it tried to be neutral. Millenial Supergirl would whine about wanting to be Super-Woman & she blamed all her problems on how hard it is to be a girl. This was balanced by her boss, Cat Grant, who gave her advice about working hard for what you want, etc. It was accepted by feminists because it came from an older female.

But then in episode six, the Supergirl writers stopped being neutral and had Supergirl complain to Hank Henshaw that:

It's always men who go crazy behind the wheel!
You cannot lose control like that!
Those two idiots nearly killed people, and you're getting mad at me?
That's the thing Ms. Danvers, I am not mad. I am controlling my anger. I suggest you get into the habit. You know, I once told you, there are people out there who fear your cousin. It's not because he has god-like powers. It's because of what he might do to them if he ever lost his temper.

Even though that exchange took place after Supergirl broke an innocent man's wrist, because she lost her temper & then blamed him for making her angry.

Those facts will be ignored by the feminist fake geek girls watching who don't realize this is setting up Supergirl as a Red Lantern.  The only thing feminists heard was the misandry & the "Madame President" line because it's been called a feminist tv show.

Then in episode eight, Cat Grant called someone "the walking personification of White Male Privilege." Cat Grant is a white female CEO with her own private jet, 2 personal shoppers at Barneys & spends more on her hair each month than the white male IT guy spends on rent. But all everyone will remember is the buzzword.

It seems like they alternate feminist episodes with good episodes because in episode ten, Maxwell Lord (who on this show is like Smallville's Lex Luthor) has dinner with Supergirl's feminist sister Alex Danvers. He finds out that feminists never stop being offended, not even while they eat:

The aliens that invaded your lab are very dangerous. We need to know what they were looking for.
Funny you should mention danger and aliens but not a word about Supergirl.
She saves lives.
You save lives. And you worked to get your powers. You didn't just wake up with them one day 'cause the sun was shining. Doesn't that bother you?
Why are you so obsessed with her? Is it jealousy? Are you secretly in love? Or are you threatened because she's a woman?
Ah. Only a woman would say that.

The fact that Supergirl is an alien with god-like powers who could kill everyone takes a back seat to muh soggy knee.

When Martian Manhunter decides that if Superman trusts Jimmy Olsen then he will too, Kara's feminist sister Alex has to blurt out "Supergirl trusts Jimmy and that's more than good enough" ignoring the fact that Martian Manhunter has known Superman longer than he has known Supergirl and Supergirl has been shown to have really bad judgement.

Then Lucy Lane, a white woman, delivers this line: "I want to work for a cool, powerful, kick-ass woman instead of a bunch of angry old white men."

The contradictions & hypocrisy on the show will be ignored by the fake geek girls. Even though some idiots think the show is subversively anti-feminist, all that matters is the man-hating quotes that are said out loud by the characters & will be turned into animated gifs that will show up on tumblr & buzzfeminist.

It's like these idiot writers don't know who is actually watching the show. NSFW

This crowd is sick of SuperFeministGirl


  1. Man.. I've watched episodes straight though , and to some you may not notice it if you're catching it once a weak.. but there's definitely obvious man bashing on this show that within the same breath it contradicts itself with hypocrisy.

    1. i think that's why they alternate the SJW buzzword episodes, so that you don't think it's too bad & so fake geek girls keep watching.

  2. Its the inherent poison of modern comics/tv. If its a female hero then it automatically has to be about sexism and evil men. If it was a black/poc hero then it automatically has to be about thats racis and evil white people.

    1. right, because if they are just heroes, then the sjw will start complaining that the hero doesn't address the issue. they just ruin everything.

  3. Yeah, I am afraid this show is giving my nieces (ages 6 & 8) the wrong message. They are using those lines, and its disturbing that they are also propagating feminist myths too. I like Tim Allen, but man, Last Man Standing keeps on tossing out the 77% myth like its going out of style.

    1. that's too bad, i didn't even think about kids watching. this show makes supergirl into a bad role model, because she's trying to steal some other girl's man. it makes me appreciate black canary a lot more now. (i didn't know tim allen was doing that, i guess it's not really a man's show?)