Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Lucifer Sucks.

Usually I wait more than two episodes to determine whether it's feminist garbage or patriarchy approved but this show is bad from the 1st episode & just got worse in the 2nd. I have no idea if the comic book it's based on, is any good.

Lucifer Morningstar is The Devil. But this devil is a white knight & he decides to "take a vacation" from hell as a passive agressive way to disobey God. This devil is also good, he wants to punish sinners & he hates liars & bullies.

He becomes obsessed with a single mom even though every hot girl he meets throws herself at him. This is because pop culture keeps trying to push single moms onto plugged in beta males, as if single moms are more valuable than all the hot girls Lucifer runs into. Every red pill man knows don't date a single mom.

The single mom on this show is a post-wall former failed actress turned police detective.

The 1st episode ends with him banging some post-wall therapist because he wants to understand why he is obsessed with the single mom so he trades sex for therapy.

The 2nd episode is even worse.  We see Lucifer in bed with the post-wall therapist in her b-cup bra, with her old wrinkly skin sagging everywhere in HD. He spends the whole episode smirking & There is a stupid plot about a paparazzi trying to redeem himself for the horrible crime of "taking pictures."

Later in the episode he wakes up again in bed after his "devil's threesome" with some guy. I'm sure this devil is gay but they won't make it obvious because this show only appeals to girls who find this british actor attractive.

Near the end, the single mom tries to explain to her 6 year old daughter that as an actress she did a topless scene in "Hot Tub High School." When the kid reveals that she has already seen her mother topless on the internet, the single mom acts as if it's perfectly ok that her 6 year old daughter is looking at porn online.

There is absolutely zero concern by the police detective that her daughter is online unsupervised. the show was more interested in pushing the "ddon't judge me, it's in the past" routine that all girls use to avoid being held accountable. It's more important for the writers of this terrible show to indoctrinate beta males to not question a girl's past & to think that a single mom is "a catch."

Unlike Mr. Robot, you won't be missing anything with this garbage because besides all the blue pill conditioning, in the end Lucifer is just a boring unfunny version of the tv show Castle.

The idiots at the Mary Stupid got wet over the most recent episode, so maybe I'll keep watching until I get to it.


  1. Isn't it funny how they think showing us scantily clad women in shows with deep blue pill messages will work.
    16 year old me would have watched it for the T & A.

    1. they don't even show that much of it. i had to freeze frame it to get those screenshots.

  2. That later episode is apparetly an attemp to mock PUAs, can't wait for you take on that.