Saturday, February 6, 2016

All New Hawkeye

Hawkeye wasn't always a joke character. He used to be pretty important but once he was put in the movies & people saw how unrealistic it was to have an archer as a superhero he became more of a joke character in the movies. That of course influenced the comics and now we have a Mary Sue Hawkeye: Kate Barton.

But they can't just replace Hawkeye with Kate Barton because Jeremy Renner is still a big actor & the comics are just advertising for the movies. So they tell you in every issue that she's a Mary Sue.

Until they replace him with Jennifer Lawrence they will just keep reminding you how much they hate Cis-Het White Hawkeye.

DC was able to make the Green Arrow into a serious character on their tv show so I don't know why Marvel chose to make Hawkeye into a pathetic male victim of abuse.

(Yes, that's the kind of "art" they expect people to pay for these days.)


  1. Ah yes, Hawkeye. One of the most experienced avengers is now getting overshadowed by an untrained little bitch of a feminist. Its just that easy.

    1. she's automatically better because of her vagina.

  2. This is bad but Fraction run was worse IMO, it gets praised for supossed great writing, but all I see is Clint and his made up brother being pathetic and having Clint's exes and Kate nagging at him all the time.