Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Valka Sucks

Not even a kid's movie is safe from feminist idiots. How to Train Your Dragon 2 is somehow a feminist movie & Valka is a "strong female character" after you ignore things like facts & logic.

Did these feminist fools watch the same movie everyone else did? Hiccup's Incubator (she's not a mother because she was gone for 20 years, besides the movies are about Hiccup & Toothless) is not a strong female character. There is nothing strong about her. She is a childish female character & makes girls look bad. She is selfish & a sorry excuse for a mother. She chose to take care of dragons for 20 years while she abandoned her husband & child. Feminists love her because feminists hate mothers.

Hiccup's Incubator may be nurturing to dragons but she's not strong. She looks nothing like all the other strong Viking women in Berk who take care of their children & defend their village. She hides in an ice mountain provided by the male Bewilderbeast & she takes care of injured dragons. Unlike the other Viking women, she was off on her own taking care of animals instead of her son. She is not "tough" or "strong" so of course she needs to get rescued by Hiccup's dad, Stoick. And of course she doesn't protect her son, even when given a 2nd chance. She's useless.

If they make another season of the tv show, which all the fake geek girls writing about this movie obviously have not watched, she should not be in it. Hiccup turned into a good man thanks to his father. Sometimes rebelling from Stoick but many times learning from his father. Adding that terrible excuse for a mother to the show would probably undo a lot of it.

Stoick takes care of his son. Raised his son alone. Sometimes they disagree but many times Stoick & Hiccup learn from each other through compromise. He is a good chief & at one point let's Thornado stay on dragon island to look after the other Thunderdrums. Because he knows that children need a father, unlike Hiccup's incubator. How anyone can say she's a "strong" female character wasn't paying attention or is so immature that they think it's ok to shirk their responsibilities to go play with animals. When she learned how to ride dragons, she could have ridden back to her husband & child & shown the village what she learned. Instead she choose to play all day long, like a child, except she did this for years while her village of Berk was attacked by dragons who could have killed her son & husband. She could have stopped this but chose not to.

But this isn't the only thing that annoying feminist fake geek girls complain about. This moron complains that Drago isn't black but she doesn't mention that Astrid is voiced by a latina. As usual, feminists pick & choose what they complain about. Even though Dean Deblois, a gay man who worked on the film, is glad that he made a character gay, the feminist complains that Gobber isn't gay enough & mocks the film-maker for his accomplishment. As I've blogged before, feminists hate all men, even gay men.

Meanwhile this idiot defends all the bad decisions of Hiccup's Incubator because all that matters is validation. I can't imagine how many selfies Aja Romano posts every day so she can be "validated":

"Additionally, the film totally validated her life choices by making her caretaker of the coolest free-range dragon park ever, and presenting the choice to rejoin her family as a choice that would validate all of her earlier choices to leave them behind."

According to this deranged feminist, all that matters is "validation" for selfish decisions, no matter the consequences, even if it means that others have to clean up after you & die in the process. Because being a responsible parent is not important. Aja thinks girls should be allowed to follow their silly whims & abandon their infant son because "life choices." Hiccup's Incubator was close-minded & selfishly abandoned her infant son instead of staying & trying to change everyone's mind the way Hiccup did. A boy, a young man, was able to do what an adult female couldn't. Because girls run away instead of doing the hard work that is necessary to affect change.

"[Hiccup's incubator] proves that women can be badasses as activists and scientists and even, yes, as moms, too"

"As moms"?? By being absent for 20 years? By literally, NOT being a mom, she's a "badass" mom. Feminist logic, everyone! I shouldn't be surprised that this idiot re-defined feminism to mean pacifism because this awful feminist uses the phrase "manpain" to describe men being emotional, a man-hating phrase I've never seen before until I read her garbage.

All these moronic feminists are so proud of Hiccup's Incubator, I bet they are also proud of Frankea Dabbs. I could post more but you can see for yourself how many more "mothers" just like her there are.

These must all be "strong female characters" who are "a feminist triumph" according to feminist logic, right?


  1. Hey. Found you through Dalrock.

    Took my two boys (10 and 6) to see this movie. Neither liked it as much as the first. My 10 yo was scratching his head about what was "wrong" with it. I suggested "that Stoick died?" and he agreed. "Why didn't the Mom go back to her family?" I guess she just liked dragons better was all I could come up with. I am very unhappy that we paid $25 too see this garbage.

    1. they could have explained her absence without glorifying the abandonment of a marriage by having valka explain that she was lost & cloudjumper took her to a place where she had no idea how to get back to berk. it was already in the story because it took Hiccup that long to find her & he was methodically mapping the surrounding islands so that would have been a plausible explanation.

      but no, instead they chose to somehow place the blame on the father & then killed him. i was very upset when they killed him. they aren't that many positive father-son relationships in cartoons these days.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. While I greatly enjoyed the first movie and the one-shot stories they've done, I was very disappointed by this second one precisely for the reasons you mentioned. Stoick didn't have to die, the mother wasn't much of a mother other than to provide genetic material and be around for a few months of Hiccup's life, and I found it rather unbelievable that either one of these men didn't feel any anger toward Valka for essentially abandoning them.

    How cool would it have been if she had returned to the village after years of finding her way back to show everyone that dragons were sentient and friendly if treated the right way? She could have saved numerous human and dragon lives, and been back with her loving husband and son...a hero and a mother! I'd have much preferred a better outcome/explanation to the story, as it got rid of an excellent father-son relationship and subtly tells girls it's okay to run away from responsibilities and previous choices.

    1. you are right, there is now 1 less positive father-son duo on tv/film. they could have had Stoick retire & live with valka so Hiccup could take over. Killing Stoick was such a terrible decision.

  3. A Good Mother Never Abuses Her Son.

    That is where Stoick went wrong in the 1st Movie.

    He was an unlikable, abusive asshole of a piss poor parent who disowned his son on a whim.

    Valka would never do that.

    That's more than enough to make her superior.

    And HTTYD 1 is overrated.

    While HTTYD 2 is a masterpiece.

    1. Valka did do just that. She disowned her son when she abandoned him. For years. She didn't raise him at all, while Stoick did all alone. You are ignoring the movies & the tv show. Stoick wasn't abusive, you have no idea what you are talking about.

    2. I could say the same thing to you.

      I honestly think Stoick deserved to die in the second movie.

    3. valka wasn't there, she abandoned her son. you hate stoick for no good reason. do you hate all men or your dad?

    4. And you love Stoick for no good reason.

      It wasn't like he was any better at raising his son.

      And yet he's forgiven so easily like Valka, and you don't complain.

      Double standard much?

      So yeah, if you're gonna hate and rage on Valka, I'm gonna hate and rage on Stoick.

  4. Yeah I agree she was selfish and terrible

    1. Yeah?

      And so was Astrid in the first movie.

      It's still just lucky coincidence that their forced romance survived and thrived throughout those 5 years.