Thursday, May 29, 2014

Alpha Fux, Beta Bux

Up until now Once Upon A Time has been very good. Sure there are "strong women," but the men aren't punchlines. They are capable & heroic. But S03E18 “Bleeding Through” exposed Alpha Fux Beta Bux from a woman's perspective in a shockingly unapologetic way.

Cora got pregnant by some gardener (alpha fucks). She lied to Prince Leopold keeping it a secret so he would marry her & Cora even stole gold from Leopold because the gardener was blackmailing her (beta bucks). Leopold was originally going to marry Eva but when Eva found out about the lie she exposed Cora's stealing & lying to him. Leopold broke it off with Cora & married Eva, an honest virgin who gave him a daughter (Snow White).

Men shouldn't raise another man's kid because as Eva said to Leopold: "A more worthy wife will give you the child that you deserve"
Leopold & Eva

Fast forward to the present & using magic, Eva's daughter (Snow White) & Cora's daughter (The Evil Queen) looked into the past & saw all of this. Their reaction was disappointment in Eva!! Because she stopped Cora from tricking a beta into raising an alpha's son! Cora's daughter actually says to Eva's daughter "I'm sorry you had to learn she had such darkness in her past" & she actually agrees!

Somehow on the show that constantly talks about right & wrong, the good character & the bad character both thought it was ok to trick a man into raising another man's child. Somehow honesty is referred to as "darkness" because it stopped a Beta from raising an Alpha's kid.

Even in The Enchanted Forest alpha fux & beta bux.


  1. Sorry if this is a bit late, but I gave up watching 'The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency' for precisely this reason. A man hired the female detective because he suspected that his wife was having an affair. She found that not only was the wife having an affair, but that the other man was the father of her child. The protagonist decided not to inform her client of this because of 'think of the children'. I found the hypocrisy rather sickening.

    1. I can't believe how blatant some shows are about it. It sounds like the message from the ladies detective show is don't hire a woman to help you if you are a man.

      most men don't learn these things until it happens to them, but by then it's too late.