Monday, July 28, 2014


I am not a gamer. (Yes, I still have my Genesis 32X CD & a PS1 but I am not a gamer.)

I don't follow gaming too closely but this real life girl troll shows up in the websites I read whenever she makes 1 of her terrible videos.

She apparently revealed herself as an anti-whore feminist. Anyway, the pro-whore feminists are now mad at her because they didn't know she was anti-whore & they are all butthurt because they are just now starting to realize they wasted their money giving her $158,922.00US

When she was bashing men they were ok with it.
When she stole another girl's artwork, they were ok with it.

But now that she is insulting whores they are so mad that the claws are out:

lol, let me make some popcorn.

6/10 would bang

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