Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cosplay Woozle

The woozle starts with this stupid post that claims that "25% of survey responders" were harassed & "59% said they felt harrassment was a problem" but this survey was done by none other than feminist moron janelle asselin who had her survey sabotaged. The results are unreliable nonsense because as she admits: "as the angry fanboys started looking me up after the CBR article, they discovered this survey and started answering my questions and using the open box at the end to write in all sorts of awfulness" but that doesn't stop other news sites from quoting the article & not the original survey. Then other sites jump on the story, spreading the lie even further. Now we have a new woozle.

Do men stare? Yes. Do men take pictures? Yes. Sexual harassment? Groping? That is simply not happening to the astronomical amount as these articles claim. If it was happening that much, girls wouldn't go anymore!

I cosplay. I get dressed up as a character I like, that I think is cool, that I would like to be or who I identify with. I don't do it to show off my sewing skills (I have none). I am dressed that way so people can see characters IRL & so that other fans of that character can talk to me, so I can talk about that character with them (which fake geek girls miscontrue as a quiz & complain about). It's an easy way to meet fellow fans offline.

People take pictures of me. I stop & pose when asked no matter what I am doing. I don't even care that people interupt me. But some people don't ask for permission. That is not harassment! I am in a public place dressed in an unusual manner, people are going to take pictures of me. The tickets also inform you that you will be photographed even if you are not in costume. I have even seen people take pictures of me for the sole purpose of making fun of me online. when I see someone do that I offer to pose for them because in that moment I am having a good time & it doesn't bother me. (There has been only time I found a picture of myself being ridiculed online & surprise: it was at the hands of a girl!) Nobody needs my permission to take a picture of me, even bitches.

But thanks to feminist nonsense "photos without permission" is now an example of harassment. Girls who sell photos of themselves are now claiming that they are being harassed because someone took a photo of them. Is this a joke? Sometimes I ask for permission to take a photo of a cosplayer but many times I don't, because the cosplayer is busy or far away. Male or female, if you are in costume, I will take your picture & I don't need to ask your permission.

If you don't want a geek to take photos of you, don't go to a convention in costume. In fact, don't go to the convention at all. Stay home. We don't want you there anyway.


  1. So true! I'm going to Comic-Con dressed as either Lady Deadpool or Black Cat, and I fully expect to have pictures taken. It's cool, I'll pose with people and have fun doing it...but then, I have never considered getting hugged by my fellow nerds/geeks to be "harassment".

    1. it's depressing that everything is harassment these days, lame pick-up lines & awkward jokes are somehow the same as malicious comments.