Friday, August 8, 2014

Orphan Black S02

I love Orphan Black. Tatiana Maslany is amazing. She deserves an emmy. She deserves 3 of them, really.

But this 2nd season they have gone overboard with the "grrl power" this past season. It's annoying & really distracts from the show. It's such pandering nonsense for the benefit of fake geek girl feminists who watch this show. I'm talking about stuff that is so obviously forced, that it pulls you out of the story.

In S02E01 (Nature Under Constraint and Vexed) written by Graeme Manson (Male): Sarah asks a boy on a bus "hey, can I borrow your phone?" & he says "can I touch your boob?" so she smacks him & steals his phone. This boy asked for a ridiculously high price to use his phone as a way of saying "no" but instead of getting the hint, she stole his phone & assaulted him. To show us that "boys will be boys" should be stopped even with violence.

In S02E06 (To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings) written by Chris Roberts (Male): Helena is at a bar & when a guy politely invites her to drink with him she physically assaults him! For no reason other than he's fat. She breaks his finger & when he tries to fight back a white knight steps in to save her. The mangina who wrote this episode doesn't even realize what an obvious form of benevolent sexism this scene is because Helena does not need a man to come to her rescue. But this one accidentally just proves the 3 rules of sexual harassment.

In S02E08 (Variable and Full of Pertubation), written by Karen Walton (female): Cosima is somehow a better player at "Rune Wars" then these 4 men. Even though she's never shown any interest in anything even tangentially related. The whole scene was written to show us geeks that girls are better than us at our own things. But her dismissive attitude towards Scott, the man who is helping to keep her from dying, shows how these fake geek girls who invade our past times truly feel about us. They have nothing but disdain for us. This is what White Knights need to realize.

In S02E09 (Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done) written by Alex Levine (Male): Allison, the tiny little suburban housewife, is somehow better with a jackhammer than her husband Donny. But that's not all, in the same episode there is a scene where Scott, the man who is trying to save Cosima's life, is excited that he was able to recover data from an old 5.25" floppy on an ancient PC & how does she thank him? By calling the man a "virgin" when he succeeds. Way to insult your viewers. & it just reinforces what most geek men know, that so-called geek girls look down on us.

Suspension of disbelief can have me overlook plot-holes like: multiple clones living in the same city & an organization that is evil enough to kill but not evil enough to just abduct their clone property; or how everyone knows where Felix lives but his apt isn't under surveillance by the bad guys or retconning both Donny & Project Castor, or a genetically engineered clones who is trans, etc. But suspension of disbelief can not help me overlook the man-hating crap that they are starting to put in the show. & i'm not refering to the nonsense that this idiot wrote about because it's a show about clones, the non-clone characters aren't supposed to be the focus.

Especially considering that it's basically a show about infertile girls who want to have babies.

If they don't tone down the man-hating insults then I may have to stop watching. I watch tv shows to be entertained, not to be insulted.

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