Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Some comic books are drawn a certain way. If you don't like the way those comics are drawn don't buy those comics, go buy other comics. It really is that simple. Nobody is forcing you to buy comics you don't like.

When feminists invade they try to change the way things are. That's why they are "fake" geek girls because if they were geek girls then they would like comics the way comics already are, not the way they think comics ought to be.

Some of these fake geek girls made a tumblr (no surprise) ridiculing comic book art. This is what non-geeks do: they make fun of comics & comic art. That's what these fake geek girls are doing. If you don't like the way those comics are drawn, don't buy those comics, go buy other comics. But they don't like comics, they just want to ruin comic books. They also lie & pretend that it is representative of current comics even though they are using his old art work. But the truth never stopped a fake geek girl from creating a good woozle.

Randy Queen, who had his art attacked by these fake geek girls, is fighting back. That is the only way to keep these fake geek girls from destroying our comics. Thank you Randy Queen!

Of course what do these "strong" "independent" feminists do when a man stands up to them? Do they take his advice: "I encourage you to spend your time, energy, and courage on creating your own comics, and then make the necessary personal sacrifices to bring them to the world."? of course not! They whine & cry about it. Unfortunately the internet white knights have delivered by writing
a slew of posts hoping the tumblr girls will sleep with them.

They could make their own comics & post it to Tumblr. If they wanted it in print, they could run a Kickstarter. They could donate their comics to Free Comic Book Day so it could get into people's hands. They could let the market decide. But it's easier for fake geek girls to just whine & destroy what already exists.

I hope Randy Queen & the other artists sue. Now I will go buy some Darkchylde comics. Thanks fake geek girls for letting me know who I should give my money to!


He apologized to the fake geek girls. He explained that he was going through some personal problems & over-reacted. I don't think he over-reacted. The fact that they were cyber-bullying a real human being won't register with them but that's not surprising. She posted the story to twitter just so all the internet white knights could harass him. These girls know how to play the damsel in distress.

That stupid tumblr is mostly nasty comments that are certainly not "art critiques" & from people who don't read comics. There are tons of submissions from girls who have no idea what characters they are submitting.

eschergirls sucks & just proves that the girls complaining about comics are not comic book readers just more fake geek girls.

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