Friday, June 12, 2015

Saving Hope

Saving Hope spent the 1st season with Dr. Daniel Jackson in a coma. While in a coma his spirit could talk to the spirits of other people in the hospital who were in comas or dying/recently deceased. (Spirit hospital!)
His fiance, Lois Lane, was loyal & did everything she could to wake him up because she was so in love with him. In the 2nd season, he was out of the coma but could still talk to the spirits. He knew she would think he was mentally ill if he told her so he called off his engagement and tried to deal with it in secret.

There was a feminist infection & the 3rd season of Saving Hope sucks.

This feminist infection resulted in the destruction of the love story. The feminists wanted to give Lois Lane her own Wild Oats Project so Lois Lane told Dr. Jackson she didn't love him anymore. She started banging her Bad Boy ex, Elijah Michaelson. Girls always have a backup man. But Elijah cheated on Lois (cause that's what bad boys do) with the Andromeda Ascendant. Because Lois Lane was slutting it up, she got pregnant & doesn't know who the baby-daddy is.

The show that was originally about 2 doctors in love at the spirit hospital, turned into cock carousel hospital with some spirits.

When a show has a feminist infection they inevitably expose some red pill truths. They did so with the cock carousel ride I mentioned above & by also showing how much girls hate supplicating beta male nice guys.

The beta male nice guy was Gavin. He was a doctor, tall & good-looking. His fatal flaw? Being an empathetic nice guy. He was dumped by Dr. Pixiecut-Slut because she was so disgusted by him being a nice guy. Here's some dialogue.

You know, Lois Lane would have died today if Daniel Jackson hadn't busted in. Dawn made a huge mistake, and he saved her life.
Wow. You don't think Dawn would have caught it anyway?
No. He was so passionate. It seemed crazy.
You should have seen him beating the crap out of Elijah Michaelson. That seemed nuts.
Did it?
Are you okay? Is something wrong?
You're not crazy.
You wouldn't fight in the hallway or bust into an O.R., ranting like a madman.
Is this about the miscarriage?
No. We don't have that kind of love. I want that kind of love.
You have it. I'll fight a guy if you want me to. I'll go fight a guy. You want me to go fight a guy?
It's not what I want.
I'll interrupt every operation in this hospital. I'll take off my clothes.
I don't want 
I, I, I'll scream your name, Dr. Pixiecut-Slut. What do you want? Try me. You don't. What, you don't believe me? I love you.
I know.
But, But what?
I don't feel it. I just I don't feel it.

The dialogue reveals a couple things about girls. He asks her what she wants & what he should do but she won't answer. 1) They want you to be the bad boy. But 2) they don't want to teach you because if they do, then they will know that you are not a "real" bad boy. Girls don't want to explain to you how it works; they want you to "just get it."

After that conversation she walks out & tries to bang her ex, Elijah Michaelson (girls love bad boys) that very same day. That doesn't work so after Gavin quits, she tries to bang Gavin's replacement. Dr. Pixiecut-Slut didn't get too far with either of them but Dr. SecretLesbian came to the rescue.

Dr. SecretLesbian was engaged to a man but she cheated on him with Dr. Pixiecut-Slut. At least Dr. SecretLesbian dumped her cuckolded fiance instead of divorcing him & taking half his money.

This kind of feminist infection ruins everything, whether it's tv shows, comic books, video games, etc. It becomes unrealistic, blatant pandering that you can barely enjoy because the SJW message is so over-powering. The only consolation is that they inevitably reveal red pill truth like Hypergamy or AFBB.


  1. I gave up on Masters of Sex because all then men were just horny dopes and all the women were smarter than them and running rings around them when they weren't being oppressed by them.

    1. when it infects a show, sometimes there is no way to salvage it if it goes on too long & the only option is to stop watching.