Thursday, September 10, 2015


I thought Secret Wars was going to do away with all of the SJW pandering that Marvel has been doing lately. I was wrong.

The Incredible Hulk is now the Totally Pandering Hulk & he's Asian.

It's another dumb move to pander to the SJW websites that will report on it & turn it into "news." These character changes are nothing more than advertisements for Marvel movies. They don't care that these stunts lead to a decrease in comic book sales as long as it results in an increase in movie ticket & dvd sales. Or in the case of the Fantastic Four, they cancelled the book to decrease movie ticket sales, but that turned out to be unnecessary. They don't even care about the storyline where Doc Green went around curing all the other Gamma irradiated people, so a new Hulk is dumb on every level.

Making The Hulk Asian is easier than making Sunfire or Jubilee more important characters. Despite how she's been shoved down everyone's throat, nobody cares about Silk except fake geek girls. She just isn't as popular as they pretend she is.

Personally I wish they hade made S.P.E.A.R. & The Ascendants a more important part of the Marvel universe, if they wanted more Asians. They could have been given their own book duing Secret Wars but Marvel knows that it generates more headlines & free advertising for their movies to change an existing character into a minority.

I think The Ascendants look pretty cool:

Clockwise: Devastator (iron man guy), Monkey King (Shang-Chi guy), Vector (Shatterstar guy), Falcon (is not part of the team), Weather Witch (storm girl), Saber (captain marvel girl).

Now we have Asian Hulk, muslim Ms. Marvel, feminist Thor, black Captain America, at this rate it's only a matter of time before they make Deadpool into a Mexican & Wolverine into a Native American.


  1. And they still act surprised when there is a backlash to this shit.

  2. What I just can't figure out is why they just haven't done She-Hulk. They don't need to change any story. I'm not a big fan, but it's just getting worse by the month and I'd be surprised if this isn't Stan Lee purposely ruining the comics so that, when he passes away, there's nothing left of them so there can be no new King of Comics.
    Sort of like a King who decides to dissolve his Kingdom just in case his heir might outshine him.
    Comics are fast becoming what sports became in the first 10 minutes of the movie Baseketball: a complete joke.

    1. i linked to what they did to she-hulk above. i think after secret wars i may switch to just DC

  3. OK, so here's a question that needs to asked: given the recent positive attention that Bruce Jenner is getting for becoming Caitlen, why doesn't Jane Foster still turn into male Thor?

  4. Also, "you rouldn't rike me vely much when I'm angly" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.